GST Commissionerate Launches Taxpayer’s Service @ 24 x 7

14-Feb-2022 The Hindu Taxpayers Service, GST, CGST, GST Seva Kendra 267 Views

COIMBATORE: A new initiative “Taxpayers Service @ 24 x 7” has been launched by the Chief Commissioner of CGST and Central Excise for tax payers/public to contact Sevakendra / trade facilitation centres of CGST through voice call.

A secured weblink has been initiated for this purpose, which will integrate all sevakendras/trade facilitation centres functioning in all the eight executive commissionerates in the State, a release from A. R. S. Kumar, Principal Commissioner Coimbatore CGST and Central Excise said.

A mobile number 94458-98686 has been connected to this weblink. Tax payers can contact the mobile number anytime for getting their queries, doubts, clarifications and grievance on GST matters answered.

Any calls by tax payers in this number will be forwarded to the secure weblink. After the call is likned, the caller will have the facility to choose the language and after which he will have the option to select the commissionerate and the call will get connected automatically to the landline number of seva kendra/trade facilitation centre of the respective commissionerate. In case, the caller failed to select the commissionerate, the call will get connected to the Chief Commissioner’s office landline number in Chennai.

Once the call is attended by the officers, tax payers can get their queries, doubts clarified. In case the call is not answered on a real time, the officer concerned shall call back the taxpayer. This is also a facility for the tax payer to leave their query/doubt by way of voice message which will be attended by the respective commissionerate later.

Source: The Hindu

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