S.N. Citation High Court Applicant Name Dated PDF Section/SGST ACT
1 2022-06-gstsamadhan-HC-1161 Kerala High Court TAGHAR VASUDEVA AMBRISH Jun-2022 Download IGST ACT SECTION - 6
2 2022-02-gstsamadhan-HC-1159 Gujarat High Court IPCA LABORATORIES LTD. Feb-2022 Download Section 54
3 2022-02-gstsamadhan-HC-1155 Rajasthan High Court Assistant Commissioner, Commercial Taxes, Circle-A, Bharatpur Rajasthan Feb-2022 Download
4 2022-02-gstsamadhan-HC-1156 Rajasthan High Court Dhariwal Products Feb-2022 Download Section 74, 70
5 2022-02-gstsamadhan-HC-1157 Delhi High Court FIDES DISTRIBUTION P. LTD Feb-2022 Download
6 2022-02-gstsamadhan-HC-1145 Rajasthan High Court Dananjay Singh Feb-2022 Download Sections 132, 167
7 2022-02-gstsamadhan-HC-1144 Allahabad High Court Bharat Mint And Allied Chemicals Feb-2022 Download Section 75
8 2022-02-gstsamadhan-HC-1153 Punjab and Haryana High Court Shiv Enterprises Feb-2022 Download Section 129, 130, 164
9 2022-02-gstsamadhan-HC-1142 Gujarat High Court A K ENTERPRISE Feb-2022 Download
10 2022-02-gstsamadhan-HC-1158 Bombay High Court Globus Petroadditions Pvt. Ltd. Feb-2022 Download
11 2022-01-gstsamadhan-HC-1152 Delhi High Court SHAKTI SHIVA MAGNETS PRIVATE LIMITED Jan-2022 Download
12 2022-01-gstsamadhan-HC-1128 Bombay High Court Colgate Global Business Services Pvt. Ltd. Jan-2022 Download
13 2022-01-gstsamadhan-HC-1138 Rajasthan High Court Triveni Electrodes Jan-2022 Download Section 54
14 2022-01-gstsamadhan-HC-1131 Delhi High Court KRISHNA FASHION Jan-2022 Download Section 83(2), 62, 63, 64, 67, 73, 74
15 2022-01-gstsamadhan-HC-1136 Gujarat High Court SUNITA RAMESH BANSAL Jan-2022 Download
16 2022-01-gstsamadhan-HC-1104 Gujarat High Court AMBIKA CREATION Jan-2022 Download
17 2022-01-gstsamadhan-HC-1127 Gujarat High Court BARMECHA TEXFAB PVT. LTD. Jan-2022 Download
18 2022-01-gstsamadhan-HC-1132 Gujarat High Court MANISH SCRAP TRADERS Jan-2022 Download Section 83
19 2022-01-gstsamadhan-HC-1133 Karnataka High Court PARLE PRODUCTS PVT. LTD. Jan-2022 Download
20 2022-01-gstsamadhan-HC-1143 Rajasthan High Court Assistant Commissioner, Commercial Taxes Department Jan-2022 Download
21 2022-01-gstsamadhan-HC-1105 Odisha high Court Amit Kumar Agarwal Jan-2022 Download
22 2022-01-gstsamadhan-HC-1108 Delhi High Court INDO INTERNATIONAL TOBACCO LTD Jan-2022 Download Section 54, 83, 70, 168, 2(91), 6(1), 6
23 2022-01-gstsamadhan-HC-1117 Odisha high Court Rohit Berlia Jan-2022 Download Section 132, 16
24 2022-01-gstsamadhan-HC-1119 Odisha high Court Satindra Kumar Yadav Jan-2022 Download
25 2022-01-gstsamadhan-HC-1107 Bombay High Court FSM Education Pvt. Ltd. Jan-2022 Download Section 70
26 2022-01-gstsamadhan-HC-1118 Bombay High Court Saiher Supply Chain Consulting Pvt. Ltd. Jan-2022 Download Section 54(1)
27 2022-01-gstsamadhan-HC-1129 Bombay High Court Futurist Innovation & Advertising Jan-2022 Download Section 83(2)
28 2022-01-gstsamadhan-HC-1130 Kerala High Court KAMALESH SEN Jan-2022 Download Section 130, 129(1)
29 2022-01-gstsamadhan-HC-1100 Gujarat High Court M/S. KARNATAKA TRADERS Jan-2022 Download Section 130, 68, 129
30 2022-01-gstsamadhan-HC-1111 Gujarat High Court KARNATAKA TRADERS Jan-2022 Download Section 130, 68, 129
31 2022-01-gstsamadhan-HC-1120 Allahabad High Court Shri Surya Traders Jan-2022 Download
32 2022-01-gstsamadhan-HC-1135 Jharkhand High Court Ratan Black Stone Jan-2022 Download
33 2022-01-gstsamadhan-HC-1141 Uttarakhand High Court U-P Telelinks Limited Jan-2022 Download
34 2022-01-gstsamadhan-HC-1154 Gujarat High Court VIMAL YASHWANTGIRI GOSWAMI Jan-2022 Download Section 70, 83
35 2022-01-gstsamadhan-HC-1112 Gujarat High Court MANISH SCRAP TRADERS Jan-2022 Download Section 83
36 2022-01-gstsamadhan-HC-1121 Patna High Court Sky Vision Media Private Limited Jan-2022 Download
37 2022-01-gstsamadhan-HC-1122 Odisha high Court Ultratech Cement Limited Jan-2022 Download
38 2022-01-gstsamadhan-HC-1124 Karnataka High Court V.S. Products Jan-2022 Download Section 174, 9
39 2022-01-gstsamadhan-HC-1139 Tripura High Court Tropical Beverages Pvt. Ltd. Jan-2022 Download
40 2022-01-gstsamadhan-HC-1151 Kerala High Court NATIONAL RADIO ELECTRONICS CORPORATION Jan-2022 Download Section 129, 107
41 2021-12-gstsamadhan-HC-1095 Delhi High Court KABIR KUMAR Dec-2021 Download Section 70
42 2021-12-gstsamadhan-HC-1147 Madras High Court K. Vinodhkumar Dec-2021 Download
43 2021-12-gstsamadhan-HC-1096 Chhattisgarh High Court Rohan Tanna Dec-2021 Download Sections 16, 132 (1) (b) & (c), 138, 70, 132, 67, 138
44 2021-12-gstsamadhan-HC-1101 Calcutta High Court Ram Prasad Ganga Prasad Dec-2021 Download Section 75
45 2021-12-gstsamadhan-HC-1113 Punjab and Haryana High Court Naresh Aggarwal Agencies Pvt. Ltd. Dec-2021 Download
46 2021-12-gstsamadhan-HC-1116 Calcutta High Court Ram Prasad Ganga Prasad & Ors. Dec-2021 Download Section 75(4)
47 2021-12-gstsamadhan-HC-1134 Madras High Court Quest Global Engineering Services Private Limited Dec-2021 Download Section 54, 54(1)
48 2021-12-gstsamadhan-HC-1093 Punjab and Haryana High Court Balwinder Singh Dec-2021 Download Section 69, 132
49 2021-12-gstsamadhan-HC-1140 Madras High Court Twin Disc Power Transmission Pvt. Ltd Dec-2021 Download Section 54, 168
50 2021-12-gstsamadhan-HC-1098 Rajasthan High Court Vinayak Plylam Marketing Dec-2021 Download
51 2021-12-gstsamadhan-HC-1160 Madras High Court Kaveri Home Needs Dec-2021 Download
52 2021-12-gstsamadhan-HC-1114 Calcutta High Court Nodal Officer, Jt. Commissioner, IT Grievance, GST Bhawan and others Dec-2021 Download
53 2021-12-gstsamadhan-HC-1070 Calcutta High Court M/s LGW Industries Limited & Ors Dec-2021 Download SECTION 16(2) (C)
54 2021-12-gstsamadhan-HC-1078 Punjab and Haryana High Court RAKESH HANUMAN PRASAD Dec-2021 Download
55 2021-12-gstsamadhan-HC-1085 Delhi High Court UBER INDIA SYSTEMS PRIVATE LIMITED Dec-2021 Download
56 2021-12-gstsamadhan-HC-1103 Madras High Court Aditya Energy Holdings Dec-2021 Download Section 73, 74
57 2021-12-gstsamadhan-HC-1102 Allahabad High Court Ranjana Singh Dec-2021 Download
58 2021-12-gstsamadhan-HC-1126 Madras High Court Aathi Hotel Dec-2021 Download
59 2021-12-gstsamadhan-HC-1066 Meghalaya High Court Jud Cements Ltd. & Anr Dec-2021 Download
60 2021-12-gstsamadhan-HC-1076 Chhattisgarh High Court M/s Radhemani And Sons Dec-2021 Download SECTION 107 , 77 ,19
61 2021-12-gstsamadhan-HC-1073 Calcutta High Court M/s. Tata Steel Ltd. & Anr Dec-2021 Download
62 2021-12-gstsamadhan-HC-1115 Meghalaya High Court Pioneer Carbide Pvt. Ltd. Dec-2021 Download
63 2021-12-gstsamadhan-HC-1062 Bombay High Court Advent India PE Advisors } Private Limited Dec-2021 Download
64 2021-12-gstsamadhan-HC-1125 Madras High Court Vikas Elastochem Agencies Private Limited Dec-2021 Download Section 140
65 2021-12-gstsamadhan-HC-1074 Chhattisgarh High Court M/s Nagorao Auto Engineering Works Telghani Naka Raipur Dec-2021 Download SECTION 140
66 2021-12-gstsamadhan-HC-1106 Karnataka High Court EID PARRY (INDIA) LIMITED Dec-2021 Download Section 164
67 2021-12-gstsamadhan-HC-1063 Odisha high Court Ashok Kumar Meher Dec-2021 Download
68 2021-11-gstsamadhan-HC-1068 Kerala High Court KERALA PRADESH GANDHI DARSHANVEDHI Nov-2021 Download
69 2021-11-gstsamadhan-HC-1069 Bombay High Court Laxmi Organic Industries Ltd Nov-2021 Download SECTION 54 , 16 , 168 (1) , 164
70 2021-11-gstsamadhan-HC-1084 Madras High Court Tvl.PANINDIA Tubes Private Limited, Nov-2021 Download
71 2021-11-gstsamadhan-HC-1089 Bombay High Court Laxmi Organic Industries Ltd. Nov-2021 Download section 54 , 16 ,168 , 164
72 2021-11-gstsamadhan-HC-1079 Madras High Court Schneider Electric India Pvt.Limited Nov-2021 Download
73 2021-11-gstsamadhan-HC-1081 Kerala High Court STATE TAX OFFICER Nov-2021 Download
74 2021-11-gstsamadhan-HC-1083 Delhi High Court TRIVEDI AND SONS PVT. LIMITED Nov-2021 Download
75 2021-11-gstsamadhan-HC-1091 Kerala High Court STATE TAX OFFICER, Nov-2021 Download
76 2021-11-gstsamadhan-HC-1065 Odisha high Court Gurdit Dang Nov-2021 Download SECTION 132 (1) (B) (C)
77 2021-11-gstsamadhan-HC-1080 Odisha high Court Smruti Ranjan Sahoo Nov-2021 Download SECTION123(1)(B)(C)
78 2021-11-gstsamadhan-HC-1082 Delhi High Court TARUN JAIN Nov-2021 Download SECTION 132
79 2021-11-gstsamadhan-HC-1094 Madras High Court Healthcubed India Private Limited Nov-2021 Download Section 129(3)
80 2021-11-gstsamadhan-HC-1030 Sikkim High Court Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Limited Nov-2021 Download
81 2021-11-gstsamadhan-HC-1071 Gujarat High Court MADHAV COPPER LIMITED Nov-2021 Download SECTION 83 , 61 ,70 ,74 ,74 (5) , 16 (2) ,61 ,132 (1) (B) ,
82 2021-11-gstsamadhan-HC-1137 Kerala High Court THOMAS MATHEW Nov-2021 Download Section 67,
83 2021-11-gstsamadhan-HC-1028 Madras High Court Commissioner of GST and Central Excise Nov-2021 Download SECTION 140
84 2021-11-gstsamadhan-HC-1051 Madras High Court Commissioner of GST and Central Excise Nov-2021 Download section 140
85 2021-11-gstsamadhan-HC-1087 Delhi High Court M/S VIJAY STEELCON PRIVATE LIMITED Nov-2021 Download SECTION 70 ,67(10) , 74 , 74(1) ,74(5) ,74(6) ,
86 2021-11-gstsamadhan-HC-1045 Bombay High Court Unifab Engineering Project Pvt. Ltd. Nov-2021 Download SECTION 16 (2)`
87 2021-11-gstsamadhan-HC-1060 Bombay High Court Unifab Engineering Project Pvt. Ltd. and anr. .. Nov-2021 Download section 16 (2)
88 2021-11-gstsamadhan-HC-1038 Patna High Court M/s Laxmi Barter Private Limited, Nov-2021 Download
89 2021-11-gstsamadhan-HC-1058 Patna High Court Laxmi Barter Private Limited Nov-2021 Download
90 2021-11-gstsamadhan-HC-1067 Odisha high Court Kashmir Kumar Agrawal Nov-2021 Download SECTION 132 (1)(I)
91 2021-11-gstsamadhan-HC-1088 Allahabad High Court M/S A.D. Agro Foods Private Limited Nov-2021 Download #
92 2021-11-gstsamadhan-HC-1097 Kerala High Court STATE OF KERALA Nov-2021 Download
93 2021-11-gstsamadhan-HC-1025 Calcutta High Court M/s. CIGFIL Retail Pvt. Ltd. Nov-2021 Download
94 2021-11-gstsamadhan-HC-1050 Calcutta High Court CIGFIL-Retail-Pvt.-Ltd Nov-2021 Download
95 2021-11-gstsamadhan-HC-1092 Rajasthan High Court M/s. Varsha Ritu Nov-2021 Download
96 2021-11-gstsamadhan-HC-1043 Kerala High Court SAKTHI AGENCIES Nov-2021 Download
97 2021-11-gstsamadhan-HC-1099 Telangana High Court Infosys Limited Nov-2021 Download Section 54
98 2021-11-gstsamadhan-HC-1109 Telangana High Court Infosys Limited Nov-2021 Download Section 54(3), 54
99 2021-11-gstsamadhan-HC-1046 Allahabad High Court M/S. S.S. Traders Nov-2021 Download
100 2021-10-gstsamadhan-HC-1031 Bombay High Court Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd Oct-2021 Download section 140 ,28
101 2021-10-gstsamadhan-HC-1037 Gauhati High Court KRIT KUNAL DHAWAN Oct-2021 Download
102 2021-10-gstsamadhan-HC-1040 Bombay High Court Meta Tiles Pvt. Ltd. & Anr. Oct-2021 Download
103 2021-10-gstsamadhan-HC-1057 Gauhati High Court KRIT KUNAL DHAWAN Oct-2021 Download
104 2021-10-gstsamadhan-HC-1072 Punjab and Haryana High Court Manish Oct-2021 Download
105 2021-10-gstsamadhan-HC-1022 Punjab and Haryana High Court Amandeep Singh Bhui Oct-2021 Download section 132(1) (b) (c)
106 2021-10-gstsamadhan-HC-1036 Punjab and Haryana High Court Krishan Lal Chopra Oct-2021 Download section 132 (1) ,70 ,69
107 2021-10-gstsamadhan-HC-1041 Bombay High Court Mr. Premprakash Bansal Oct-2021 Download
108 2021-10-gstsamadhan-HC-1047 Punjab and Haryana High Court Amandeep Singh Bhui Oct-2021 Download section132(1)(b) (c) , 132(1) I)
109 2021-10-gstsamadhan-HC-1056 Punjab and Haryana High Court Krishan-Lal-Chopra Oct-2021 Download SECTION 70 , 69 , 120
110 2021-10-gstsamadhan-HC-1075 Gujarat High Court NAYARA ENERGY LIMITED Oct-2021 Download SECTION 56
111 2021-10-gstsamadhan-HC-1148 Gauhati High Court MD FARUK ALAM Oct-2021 Download
112 2021-10-gstsamadhan-HC-1026 Madras High Court Christian Medical College Vellore Association Oct-2021 Download
113 2021-10-gstsamadhan-HC-1029 Gujarat High Court M/S FORMATIVE TEX FAB THROUGH ITS PARTNER RATAN KUMAR SARAF Oct-2021 Download SECTION 83
114 2021-10-gstsamadhan-HC-1044 Madras High Court M/s. Steel Centre Oct-2021 Download SECTION 107
115 2021-10-gstsamadhan-HC-1052 Gujarat High Court Formative-Tex-Fab-Through-Its-Partner-Ratan-Kumar-Saraf- Oct-2021 Download section 83
116 2021-10-gstsamadhan-HC-1054 Madras High Court Kanunga-Extrusion-Private-Limited- Oct-2021 Download
117 2021-10-gstsamadhan-HC-996 Patna High Court M/s K.R. Steel Traders Oct-2021 Download
118 2021-10-gstsamadhan-HC-1004 Gujarat High Court NILESHBHAI NATUBHAI PATEL Oct-2021 Download
119 2021-10-gstsamadhan-HC-1011 Gujarat High Court M/S SIDDHARTH ENTERPRISES THROUGH PARTNER MAHESH LILADHAR TIBDEWAL Oct-2021 Download
120 2021-10-gstsamadhan-HC-1014 Punjab and Haryana High Court SUNIL DUTT VS DEPARTMENT OF CUSTOMS Oct-2021 Download
121 2021-10-gstsamadhan-HC-1013 Bombay High Court SRC Chemicals Private Limited & Anr Oct-2021 Download
122 2021-10-gstsamadhan-HC-1020 Punjab and Haryana High Court Vineet kkumar Oct-2021 Download section 70 , 116 ,105 ,111
123 2021-10-gstsamadhan-HC-992 Bombay High Court Evertime Overseas Private Limited Oct-2021 Download SECTION 54
124 2021-10-gstsamadhan-HC-999 Gujarat High Court MANHARLAL HIRJIBHAI VIRDIYA Oct-2021 Download
125 2021-10-gstsamadhan-HC-1015 Madras High Court M/s.Supreme Trading House Oct-2021 Download
126 2021-10-gstsamadhan-HC-989 Kerala High Court DANTARA JEWELLERS Oct-2021 Download SECTION 129 ,129(3)
127 2021-10-gstsamadhan-HC-995 Odisha high Court M/s. Jyoti Construction Oct-2021 Download
128 2021-10-gstsamadhan-HC-1017 Madras High Court Tvl.F.M.Sales & Marketing Oct-2021 Download
129 2021-10-gstsamadhan-HC-1018 Madras High Court Tvl.South India Engineering Corporation Oct-2021 Download
130 2021-10-gstsamadhan-HC-1149 Gauhati High Court MD FARUK ALAM Oct-2021 Download
131 2021-10-gstsamadhan-HC-1001 Patna High Court M/S MANOJ KUMAR HAVING Oct-2021 Download
132 2021-10-gstsamadhan-HC-1005 Jharkhand High Court M/s Nkas Services Private Limited Oct-2021 Download
133 2021-10-gstsamadhan-HC-1021 Allahabad High Court Vishal Gupta Oct-2021 Download section 132(1) (b) (c)
134 2021-10-gstsamadhan-HC-1033 Madras High Court Jenefa India Oct-2021 Download section 6 ,11(1)
135 2021-10-gstsamadhan-HC-1053 Madras High Court Jenefa India Oct-2021 Download SECTION 9 , 11
136 2021-10-gstsamadhan-HC-988 Madras High Court Costal-Plastochem-Pvt-Ltd. Oct-2021 Download
137 2021-10-gstsamadhan-HC-991 Bombay High Court E-LAND APPARELS LTD Oct-2021 Download
138 2021-10-gstsamadhan-HC-1003 Madras High Court M/s.Mutharamman & Co., Oct-2021 Download section 83
139 2021-10-gstsamadhan-HC-987 Odisha high Court M/s. Bright Star Plastic Industries Oct-2021 Download
140 2021-10-gstsamadhan-HC-994 Tripura High Court ITC Limited having its Registered Oct-2021 Download
141 2021-10-gstsamadhan-HC-1016 Madras High Court Suresh Trading Corporation Oct-2021 Download
142 2021-10-gstsamadhan-HC-997 Kerala High Court KERALA COMMUNICATORS CABLE LIMITED Oct-2021 Download SECTION 86 ,83
143 2021-10-gstsamadhan-HC-1006 Chhattisgarh High Court Paritosh Kumar Singh Alias Diwakar Choudhary Oct-2021 Download
144 2021-10-gstsamadhan-HC-1009 Rajasthan High Court Shailesh Chandra S/o Shri Om Prakash Chandra Oct-2021 Download section 132 (1) , (C) , (f) , (h)
145 2021-10-gstsamadhan-HC-1012 Odisha high Court M/s. Sky Automobiles Oct-2021 Download
146 2021-09-gstsamadhan-HC-1023 Telangana High Court Appario-Retail-Private-Limited Sep-2021 Download section 54 ,52 ,89
147 2021-09-gstsamadhan-HC-1024 Telangana High Court Bhagyanagar-Copper-Private-Limited Sep-2021 Download section 56 ,54 ,96 ,91
148 2021-09-gstsamadhan-HC-1048 Telangana High Court Appario-Retail-Private-Limited Sep-2021 Download section 54 , 49(1) ,52
149 2021-09-gstsamadhan-HC-1049 Telangana High Court Christian-Medical-College-Vellore-Association- Sep-2021 Download section 54 ,56 ,56(6)
150 2021-09-gstsamadhan-HC-1064 Madras High Court M/s.GNC Infra LLP Sep-2021 Download SECTION 54 , 54(8) (B)
151 2021-09-gstsamadhan-HC-961 Allahabad High Court M/S Jain Distillery Private Limited Sep-2021 Download
152 2021-09-gstsamadhan-HC-964 Kerala High Court THE KERALA HIGH COURT ADVOCATES' ASSOCIATION Sep-2021 Download
153 2021-09-gstsamadhan-HC-1000 Punjab and Haryana High Court MANOJ BANSAL Sep-2021 Download SECTION 132(b)AND(C) ,132 (i) ,73 ,74 ,69
154 2021-09-gstsamadhan-HC-1002 Bombay High Court M/s. Monopoly Innovations Pvt. Ltd. Sep-2021 Download SECTION 39 ,83 67 ,74`
155 2021-09-gstsamadhan-HC-1019 Gauhati High Court Shri Vikas Bansal, Sep-2021 Download section 132(5) , 70 ,70(2)
156 2021-09-gstsamadhan-HC-1042 Karnataka High Court M/s ROBO SILICON PVT. LTD., Sep-2021 Download
157 2021-09-gstsamadhan-HC-983 Gujarat High Court AB TRADERS Sep-2021 Download
158 2021-09-gstsamadhan-HC-985 Andhra Pradesh High Court M/s. ASR Hospitals (India) Pvt. Ltd., Sep-2021 Download
159 2021-09-gstsamadhan-HC-985 Andhra Pradesh High Court M/s. ASR Hospitals (India) Pvt. Ltd., Sep-2021 Download
160 2021-09-gstsamadhan-HC-990 Uttarakhand High Court Eficaz Project Limited Liability Partnership Sep-2021 Download SECTION 29
161 2021-09-gstsamadhan-HC-1010 Madras High Court M/s.Shri Tyres Sep-2021 Download section 73
162 2021-09-gstsamadhan-HC-984 Gauhati High Court AHINSHA CHEMICALS LTD Sep-2021 Download
163 2021-09-gstsamadhan-HC-979 Odisha high Court M/s. Sunny Motors Sep-2021 Download section 140
164 2021-09-gstsamadhan-HC-971 Allahabad High Court M/S Ratek Pheon Friction Technologies Private Limited Sep-2021 Download section 140 , 174(2)(c) , 168 168(2)
165 2021-09-gstsamadhan-HC-975 Bombay High Court Sinochem India Company Pvt. Ltd Sep-2021 Download
166 2021-09-gstsamadhan-HC-978 Gauhati High Court Sri Subhash Kumar Singh, Sep-2021 Download
167 2021-09-gstsamadhan-HC-955 Karnataka High Court Bundl Technologies Private Limited Sep-2021 Download
168 2021-09-gstsamadhan-HC-967 Rajasthan High Court M/s Maruti Castings Sep-2021 Download SECTION 73 , 74 , 67(6)
169 2021-09-gstsamadhan-HC-972 Tripura High Court M/s Sahil Enterprises Sep-2021 Download section 16(2)(c)
170 2021-09-gstsamadhan-HC-951 Uttarakhand High Court A.P. Refinery Pvt. Ltd. Sep-2021 Download Section 129, 129 (3), 130, 107
171 2021-09-gstsamadhan-HC-993 Calcutta High Court International Value Retail Private Limited Sep-2021 Download
172 2021-09-gstsamadhan-HC-980 Madras High Court Union-of-India Sep-2021 Download
173 2021-09-gstsamadhan-HC-981 Delhi High Court M/S. UPS INVERTER.COM & ANR Sep-2021 Download section 54
174 2021-09-gstsamadhan-HC-977 Karnataka High Court M/s. Sterne India Pvt. Ltd Sep-2021 Download section 83 ,83(2) ,62, 63, 64, 67, 73 ,74 ,107 and 159
175 2021-09-gstsamadhan-HC-958 Bombay High Court GAYATRI AGRO AGENCIES Sep-2021 Download
176 2021-09-gstsamadhan-HC-959 Madras High Court Grandhe Construction Private Limited Sep-2021 Download
177 2021-09-gstsamadhan-HC-954 Gauhati High Court BMG INFORMATICS PVT LTD Sep-2021 Download Section 54(3)(ii), 168, 11
178 2021-09-gstsamadhan-HC-968 Delhi High Court MICROMAX INFORMATICS LTD Sep-2021 Download SECTION 140
179 2021-09-gstsamadhan-HC-965 Madras High Court Kuppan Gounder P.G.Natarajan Sep-2021 Download SECTION 70 , 83 , 6(2)(B) , 74
180 2021-09-gstsamadhan-HC-966 Odisha high Court M/s.Larsen & Toubro Ltd. Sep-2021 Download
181 2021-08-gstsamadhan-HC-938 Allahabad High Court M/S North End Food Marketing Pvt. Ltd Aug-2021 Download Section 35, 9, 49
182 2021-08-gstsamadhan-HC-963 Bombay High Court Kasturba Health Society Aug-2021 Download SECTION 22 , 23
183 2021-08-gstsamadhan-HC-970 Patna High Court Rambabu Singh, Aug-2021 Download
184 2021-08-gstsamadhan-HC-936 Karnataka High Court M/S MALNAD PROJECTS PRIVATE LIMITED Aug-2021 Download Section 140, 174
185 2021-08-gstsamadhan-HC-969 Tripura High Court NE Equipment Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Aug-2021 Download SECTION 129(3)
186 2021-08-gstsamadhan-HC-928 Gauhati High Court AMIT KUMAR Aug-2021 Download Section 132, 132(1)
187 2021-08-gstsamadhan-HC-976 Gauhati High Court SOURAV BAJORIA Aug-2021 Download
188 2021-08-gstsamadhan-HC-935 Gujarat High Court M/S MAHAVIR ENTERPRISE Aug-2021 Download Section 83,
189 2021-08-gstsamadhan-HC-930 Telangana High Court BMW India Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. Aug-2021 Download Section 142(11)(c)
190 2021-08-gstsamadhan-HC-943 Punjab and Haryana High Court Spicejet Limited Aug-2021 Download
191 2021-08-gstsamadhan-HC-944 Punjab and Haryana High Court Spicejet Limited Aug-2021 Download
192 2021-08-gstsamadhan-HC-933 Gauhati High Court M/S JYOTHY LABS LTD. Aug-2021 Download
193 2021-08-gstsamadhan-HC-465 Punjab and Haryana High Court Hema Garg and another Aug-2021 Download Section 70
194 2021-08-gstsamadhan-HC-915 Madras High Court Platinum Holdings Private Limited Aug-2021 Download Section 54, 17
195 2021-08-gstsamadhan-HC-940 Madras High Court M/s.R.K.Ganapathy Chettiar Aug-2021 Download Section 17(5)(h), 17
196 2021-08-gstsamadhan-HC-1008 Madras High Court Platinum Holdings Private Limited Aug-2021 Download section 54
197 2021-08-gstsamadhan-HC-939 Bombay High Court Premprakash Laxminarayan Bansal Aug-2021 Download
198 2021-08-gstsamadhan-HC-950 Delhi High Court UNITED CONSTRUCTION CO. Aug-2021 Download
199 2021-08-gstsamadhan-HC-373 Chhattisgarh High Court Cheema Local Carrier & Construction Aug-2021 Download Section 29, 83
200 2021-08-gstsamadhan-HC-942 Tripura High Court Sahil Enterprises Aug-2021 Download Section 16(2)(c)
201 2021-08-gstsamadhan-HC-937 Uttarakhand High Court Narula Menthol Aug-2021 Download Section 73, 74
202 2021-08-gstsamadhan-HC-947 Gujarat High Court SUBHASH KUMAR SINGH Aug-2021 Download Section 69, 132
203 2021-08-gstsamadhan-HC-526 Madras High Court Mr.K.Dhanush Aug-2021 Download
204 2021-08-gstsamadhan-HC-492 Kerala High Court F R TRADE LINKS Aug-2021 Download Section 29
205 2021-08-gstsamadhan-HC-932 Bombay High Court Implement Impex Private Limited Aug-2021 Download Section 83(1), 107, 67
206 2021-08-gstsamadhan-HC-486 Rajasthan High Court Manoj Vijay Aug-2021 Download Section 132, 70
207 2021-08-gstsamadhan-HC-448 Telangana High Court Deem Distributors Private Ltd. Aug-2021 Download Section 74
208 2021-08-gstsamadhan-HC-385 Delhi High Court MEDICAL BUREAU Aug-2021 Download Section 139, 16, 16(1), 16(3), 54
209 2021-08-gstsamadhan-HC-398 Delhi High Court SAURAV GUPTA Aug-2021 Download Section 132(1)(b),
210 2021-08-gstsamadhan-HC-941 Allahabad High Court M/S Ranchi Carrying Corporation Aug-2021 Download
211 2021-07-gstsamadhan-HC-442 Patna High Court M/s National Enterprises Jul-2021 Download Section 16(4), 39, 49, 73(9)
212 2021-07-gstsamadhan-HC-509 Madras High Court B.Anandan Jul-2021 Download
213 2021-07-gstsamadhan-HC-522 Madras High Court Kuppan Gounder P.G.Natarajan Jul-2021 Download Section 70
214 2021-07-gstsamadhan-HC-929 Madras High Court B.Anandan Jul-2021 Download
215 2021-07-gstsamadhan-HC-934 Madras High Court Kuppan Gounder P.G.Natarajan Jul-2021 Download Section 70
216 2021-07-gstsamadhan-HC-428 Odisha high courrt M/s. Cobra Instalaciones Y Servicios Jul-2021 Download
217 2021-07-gstsamadhan-HC-541 Madras High Court S R & Sons Jul-2021 Download Section 50(1), 50, 73(9)
218 2021-07-gstsamadhan-HC-946 Madras High Court S R & Sons Jul-2021 Download Section 50(1), 50, 73(9)
219 2021-07-gstsamadhan-HC-562 Gujarat High Court DHARAMSHIL AGENCIES Jul-2021 Download
220 2021-07-gstsamadhan-HC-490 Kerala High Court ASSISTANT STATE TAX OFFICER (INTELLIGENCE) Jul-2021 Download
221 2021-07-gstsamadhan-HC-1055 Kerala High Court Kerala-Pradesh-Gandhi-Darshanvedhi Jul-2021 Download
222 2021-07-gstsamadhan-HC-517 Madras High Court G.E.Govindaraj Jul-2021 Download
223 2021-07-gstsamadhan-HC-393 Delhi High Court M/S. R.J. TRADING CO. Jul-2021 Download Section 69, 67, 67(2), 71, 35, 107
224 2021-07-gstsamadhan-HC-404 Delhi High Court M/S. TULI MOTORS Jul-2021 Download
225 2021-07-gstsamadhan-HC-931 Madras High Court G.E.Govindaraj Jul-2021 Download
226 2021-07-gstsamadhan-HC-374 Delhi High Court M/S. AJANTA INDUSTRIES Jul-2021 Download Section 54(7), 54(3),
227 2021-07-gstsamadhan-HC-336 Allahabad High Court M/s. R M Dairy Products LLP Jul-2021 Download
228 2021-07-gstsamadhan-HC-528 Madras High Court M/s.Nezone Tubes Limited Jul-2021 Download
229 2021-07-gstsamadhan-HC-383 Delhi High Court MS KOENIG SOLUTIONS PVT LIMITED Jul-2021 Download Section 2(6),
230 2021-07-gstsamadhan-HC-483 Rajasthan High Court Lakhpat Trading And Industrys Private Ltd. Jul-2021 Download Section 7(2) & 7(4)
231 2021-07-gstsamadhan-HC-484 Rajasthan High Court M/s Shree Mahesh Oil Products Jul-2021 Download Section 2(93)
232 2021-07-gstsamadhan-HC-485 Rajasthan High Court M/s. Mahesh Vegoils Private Limited Jul-2021 Download Section 2(93)
233 2021-07-gstsamadhan-HC-493 Kerala High Court G. SANTHOSH KUMAR Jul-2021 Download
234 2021-07-gstsamadhan-HC-516 Madras High Court M/s.F1 Auto Components P ltd Jul-2021 Download Section 50
235 2021-07-gstsamadhan-HC-575 Gujarat High Court NAGRI EYE RESEARCH FOUNDATION Jul-2021 Download Section 97, 2(17), 7(1), 22(1)
236 2021-07-gstsamadhan-HC-957 Jharkhand High Court Directorate General of GST Intelligence Jul-2021 Download section 69, 70
237 2021-07-gstsamadhan-HC-973 Madhya Pradesh High Court M/s.Saint Gobain Glass India Ltd., Jul-2021 Download
238 2021-07-gstsamadhan-HC-512 Madras High Court C.Joseph Vijay Jul-2021 Download
239 2021-07-gstsamadhan-HC-544 Madras High Court Tvl.Naggaraj Anooradha Jul-2021 Download
240 2021-07-gstsamadhan-HC-441 Patna High Court Associated Power Structures Pvt. Ltd Jul-2021 Download Section 73(9)
241 2021-07-gstsamadhan-HC-430 Odisha high courrt GAUTAM CONSTRUCTION Jul-2021 Download
242 2021-07-gstsamadhan-HC-504 Kerala High Court UNION OF INDIA Jul-2021 Download Section 140,
243 2021-07-gstsamadhan-HC-477 Rajasthan High Court M/s. Avon Udhyog Jul-2021 Download
244 2021-07-gstsamadhan-HC-1039 Calcutta High Court Maa Durga Plastic & Anr. Jul-2021 Download section 140(5)
245 2021-07-gstsamadhan-HC-1059 Calcutta High Court Maa Durga Plastic & Anr. Vs The Assistant Commissioner Jul-2021 Download section 140 (5)
246 2021-07-gstsamadhan-HC-518 Madras High Court Greenwood Owners Association, Jul-2021 Download Section 11(1)
247 2021-07-gstsamadhan-HC-421 Karnataka High Court M/S Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Limited Jul-2021 Download
248 2021-07-gstsamadhan-HC-242 Madras High Court Greenwood Owners Association, Oceanic Owners Association , M/s.TVH Lumbini Square Owners Association Jul-2021 Download Section 11
249 2021-06-gstsamadhan-HC-1032 Uttarakhand High Court Mr. Vinay Shraff Jun-2021 Download
250 2021-06-gstsamadhan-HC-436 Odisha high courrt Santosh Kumar Gupta Jun-2021 Download Section-132(1)(b)(e)(f)(i)(j)(l)
251 2021-06-gstsamadhan-HC-453 Tripura High Court ATC Supply Chain Solution Pvt. Ltd. Jun-2021 Download
252 2021-06-gstsamadhan-HC-367 Calcutta High Court MRS Realty Private Ltd. & Anr. Jun-2021 Download Section 16(2)(c),
253 2021-06-gstsamadhan-HC-508 Madras High Court M/s.ARS Steels & Alloy International Pvt. Ltd. Jun-2021 Download Section 19, 17
254 2021-06-gstsamadhan-HC-599 Gujarat High Court YASHO INDUSTRIES LIMITED Jun-2021 Download Section 70, 167, 67, 2(91)
255 2021-06-gstsamadhan-HC-372 Chhattisgarh High Court M/s. Bharat Aluminium Company limited Jun-2021 Download
256 2021-06-gstsamadhan-HC-452 Uttarakhand High Court M/s Vimal Petrothin Jun-2021 Download
257 2021-06-gstsamadhan-HC-1146 Gauhati High Court FARUK ALAM Jun-2021 Download
258 2021-06-gstsamadhan-HC-340 Andhra Pradesh High Court M/S BALAJI AGENCIES Jun-2021 Download
259 2021-06-gstsamadhan-HC-371 Chhattisgarh High Court M/s Aman Auto Jun-2021 Download section 19(4)(a)
260 2021-06-gstsamadhan-HC-1035 Kerala High Court KERALA PRADESH GANDHI DARSHANVEDHI Jun-2021 Download
261 2021-06-gstsamadhan-HC-341 Andhra Pradesh High Court M/S GAIL (INDIA) LTD Jun-2021 Download
262 2021-06-gstsamadhan-HC-953 Madras High Court M/s. Bharat Electronics Limited Jun-2021 Download Section 140
263 2021-06-gstsamadhan-HC-498 Kerala High Court KERALA PRADESH GANDHI DARSHANVEDHI Jun-2021 Download
264 2021-06-gstsamadhan-HC-537 Madras High Court Sree Balaji Medical College & Hospital Jun-2021 Download
265 2021-06-gstsamadhan-HC-501 Kerala High Court ST. JOSEPH TEA COMPANY LTD Jun-2021 Download
266 2021-06-gstsamadhan-HC-573 Gujarat High Court M/S MILI ENTERPRISE Jun-2021 Download
267 2021-06-gstsamadhan-HC-347 Andhra Pradesh High Court Vennapusa Venkata Subba Reddy Jun-2021 Download
268 2021-06-gstsamadhan-HC-438 Odisha high courrt M/s. Shree Udyog Jun-2021 Download
269 2021-06-gstsamadhan-HC-353 Bombay High Court Dharmendra M. Jani Jun-2021 Download Section 2(93)(102), 7 , 9 , 15
270 2021-06-gstsamadhan-HC-1077 Odisha high Court Rajeev Mishra Jun-2021 Download SECTION 132(1)(B) , 132(1)(C) ,132 (1)(I)
271 2021-06-gstsamadhan-HC-370 Calcutta High Court M/s. Shree Jagannath Traders Jun-2021 Download Section 107(1), 107 (4),
272 2021-06-gstsamadhan-HC-432 Odisha high courrt M/s.Harish Chandra Majhi Jun-2021 Download Section 2(119)
273 2021-06-gstsamadhan-HC-974 Odisha high Court M/s. Shree Jagannath Traders Jun-2021 Download
274 2021-06-gstsamadhan-HC-378 Delhi High Court CENTRAL GOODS AND SERVICE TAX DELHI EAST Jun-2021 Download Sections 69(1), 132,
275 2021-06-gstsamadhan-HC-390 Delhi High Court PAWAN GOEL & ANR. Jun-2021 Download Section 83, 132
276 2021-06-gstsamadhan-HC-411 Jharkhand High Court M/s Anand Lubricating & Pneumatic Systems Jun-2021 Download
277 2021-06-gstsamadhan-HC-447 Telangana High Court B. Sreenivasa Gandhi Jun-2021 Download
278 2021-06-gstsamadhan-HC-525 Madras High Court MMD Heavy Machinery (India) Pvt. Ltd. Jun-2021 Download Section 18(3), 54
279 2021-06-gstsamadhan-HC-419 Karnataka High Court BANGALORE TURF CLUB LIMITED Jun-2021 Download Section 2(52), 7
280 2021-06-gstsamadhan-HC-449 Telangana High Court M/s Satyam Shivam Papers Pvt. Ltd. Jun-2021 Download Section 129(3)
281 2021-06-gstsamadhan-HC-443 Patna High Court PANKAJ SHARMA Jun-2021 Download Section 16(4), 16(1), 16(2), 83
282 2021-05-gstsamadhan-HC-460 Tripura High Court Shri Sentu Dey May-2021 Download Sections 132,
283 2021-05-gstsamadhan-HC-394 Delhi High Court R.R. DISTRIBUTORS PVT. LTD May-2021 Download Section 140(3)
284 2021-05-gstsamadhan-HC-400 Delhi High Court SUPER INDIA PAPER PRODUCTS May-2021 Download Section 140
285 2021-05-gstsamadhan-HC-401 Delhi High Court SYSCHEM INDIA LIMITED May-2021 Download
286 2021-05-gstsamadhan-HC-473 Punjab and Haryana High Court Seema Jain May-2021 Download Section 132 (1) (i)
287 2021-05-gstsamadhan-HC-487 Rajasthan High Court M/s Rahul Agencies May-2021 Download
288 2021-05-gstsamadhan-HC-539 Madras High Court Sri Marg Human Resources Pvt. Ltd. May-2021 Download Section 83, 73, 74
289 2021-05-gstsamadhan-HC-337 Allahabad High Court Sh. Suraj Singh May-2021 Download
290 2021-05-gstsamadhan-HC-375 Delhi High Court M/S. ANAND AND ANAND May-2021 Download
291 2021-05-gstsamadhan-HC-334 Allahabad High Court M/S Neeta Sales Corp May-2021 Download
292 2021-05-gstsamadhan-HC-364 Bombay High Court M/s. Yogi Petroleum May-2021 Download
293 2021-05-gstsamadhan-HC-952 Rajasthan High Court Abhishek Singhal May-2021 Download Section 132(1),
294 2021-05-gstsamadhan-HC-475 Rajasthan High Court Abhishek Singhal May-2021 Download Section 132(1) (b)/(c)/(f), 4R/20, 132(1)(i)
295 2021-05-gstsamadhan-HC-585 Gujarat High Court ROSHNI SANA JAISWAL May-2021 Download Section 67, 64, 73, 74
296 2021-05-gstsamadhan-HC-397 Delhi High Court ROSHNI SANA JAISWAL May-2021 Download Section 67, 83
297 2021-05-gstsamadhan-HC-381 Delhi High Court FEDERATION OF INDIAN SMALL SCALE BATTERY ASSOCIATIONS (REGD.) AND ANR. May-2021 Download Section 16(2)
298 2021-05-gstsamadhan-HC-405 Delhi High Court VANDNA PHARMA INDUSTRIES May-2021 Download Section 16
299 2021-05-gstsamadhan-HC-437 Odisha high courrt M/s.Shree Gobind Alloys Pvt. Ltd. May-2021 Download
300 2021-05-gstsamadhan-HC-478 Rajasthan High Court Bhagwan Sahay Gupta May-2021 Download Section 132(1)(i) (iv)
301 2021-05-gstsamadhan-HC-593 Gujarat High Court SUPRIMKUMAR JITENDRABHAI PATEL May-2021 Download Section 132, 69, 138
302 2021-04-gstsamadhan-HC-530 Madras High Court Ramakrishnan Mahalingam Apr-2021 Download
303 2021-04-gstsamadhan-HC-356 Bombay High Court Greatship (India) Ltd. Apr-2021 Download
304 2021-04-gstsamadhan-HC-587 Gujarat High Court SANJAY PRAHLADBHAI PATEL Apr-2021 Download
305 2021-04-gstsamadhan-HC-382 Delhi High Court KOENIG SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED Apr-2021 Download Section 6(2)(b)
306 2021-04-gstsamadhan-HC-925 Delhi High Court KOENIG SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED Apr-2021 Download Section 6(2)(b)
307 2021-04-gstsamadhan-HC-451 Telangana High Court Vijay Metal Apr-2021 Download Section 129(3), 129,
308 2021-04-gstsamadhan-HC-540 Madras High Court Sri Muniappa Steels Apr-2021 Download
309 2021-04-gstsamadhan-HC-457 Tripura High Court Shri Pankaj Behari Saha Apr-2021 Download
310 2021-04-gstsamadhan-HC-956 Madras High Court M/s.Carlstahl Craftsman Enterprises Private Limited Apr-2021 Download
311 2021-04-gstsamadhan-HC-549 Gujarat High Court M/S ANISH INFRACON INDIA PVT. LTD Apr-2021 Download Section 74
312 2021-04-gstsamadhan-HC-571 Gujarat High Court M/S KARMA BUILDCON Apr-2021 Download Section 7(2), 9, 15, 67
313 2021-04-gstsamadhan-HC-489 Kerala High Court ABDUL SHAJI Apr-2021 Download Section 70, 132, 69
314 2021-04-gstsamadhan-HC-459 Tripura High Court M/S Sarvasiddhi Agrotech Pvt. Ltd. Apr-2021 Download Section 74(9), 50(1), 74(1), 74(11), 74(p),
315 2021-04-gstsamadhan-HC-462 Tripura High Court M/S Sarvasiddhi Agrotech Pvt. Ltd. Apr-2021 Download Section 74(9), 50(1), 74(1), 74(11), 74(p),
316 2021-04-gstsamadhan-HC-488 Rajasthan High Court Sumit Dutta Apr-2021 Download Section 132
317 2021-04-gstsamadhan-HC-555 Gujarat High Court BHAVESH KIRITBHAI KALANI Apr-2021 Download Section 83, 74,79, Section 29(2)(e)
318 2021-04-gstsamadhan-HC-446 Telangana High Court M/s. Akzo Nobel India Ltd. Apr-2021 Download
319 2021-04-gstsamadhan-HC-523 Madras High Court M.Srinivasan Apr-2021 Download Section 2, 32
320 2021-04-gstsamadhan-HC-1150 Madras High Court Mutharamman Iron and Steels, Apr-2021 Download
321 2021-04-gstsamadhan-HC-948 Madras High Court Tvl.Innovative Motors Apr-2021 Download
322 2021-04-gstsamadhan-HC-377 Delhi High Court ANKIT BINDAL & ORS. Apr-2021 Download
323 2021-04-gstsamadhan-HC-924 Delhi High Court ANKIT BINDAL Apr-2021 Download
324 2021-04-gstsamadhan-HC-450 Telangana High Court Spacewood Furnishers Pvt. Limited Apr-2021 Download
325 2021-04-gstsamadhan-HC-468 Punjab and Haryana High Court MAHAKALI TRANSPORT Apr-2021 Download
326 2021-04-gstsamadhan-HC-344 Andhra Pradesh High Court Smt. Chhaya Devi Apr-2021 Download
327 2021-04-gstsamadhan-HC-426 Madhya Pradesh High Court M/s Om Trading Company Apr-2021 Download Section 29, 129
328 2021-04-gstsamadhan-HC-342 Andhra Pradesh High Court M/S GRT HOTELS and RESORTS Pvt. Ltd. Apr-2021 Download
329 2021-04-gstsamadhan-HC-351 Bombay High Court Bytedance (India) Technology Pvt. Ltd. Apr-2021 Download Section 83
330 2021-04-gstsamadhan-HC-433 Odisha high courrt M/s. Indian Farmers Fertilizers Apr-2021 Download
331 2021-04-gstsamadhan-HC-480 Rajasthan High Court H.R. Enterprises Apr-2021 Download Section 68, 129
332 2021-03-gstsamadhan-HC-360 Bombay High Court Praful Nanji Satra Mar-2021 Download
333 2021-03-gstsamadhan-HC-429 Odisha high courrt Devi Prasad Tripathy Mar-2021 Download
334 2021-03-gstsamadhan-HC-456 Tripura High Court ONGC Tripura Power Company Ltd. Mar-2021 Download Section 2
335 2021-03-gstsamadhan-HC-440 Odisha high courrt M/s. Utkal Moulders Mar-2021 Download
336 2021-03-gstsamadhan-HC-510 Madras High Court BNP Paribas Global Securities Operations Private Limited Mar-2021 Download Section 140(5)
337 2021-03-gstsamadhan-HC-536 Madras High Court M/s.Sham Interiors Mar-2021 Download
338 2021-03-gstsamadhan-HC-513 Madras High Court M/s.Chaizup Beverages LLP Mar-2021 Download Section 16, 54
339 2021-03-gstsamadhan-HC-403 Delhi High Court TMA INTERNATIONAL PVT. LTD. & ORS. Mar-2021 Download Section 16, 54
340 2021-03-gstsamadhan-HC-408 Jammu and Kashmir High Court M/s MRF Limited Mar-2021 Download
341 2021-03-gstsamadhan-HC-533 Madras High Court S.R.Paramasivam Mar-2021 Download
342 2021-03-gstsamadhan-HC-534 Madras High Court M/s. Sasi Anand Spinning Mills India P Limited Mar-2021 Download
343 2021-03-gstsamadhan-HC-535 Madras High Court The Senior Intelligence Officer Mar-2021 Download Section 6, 70
344 2021-03-gstsamadhan-HC-545 Madras High Court Tvl.Vectra Computer Solutions Mar-2021 Download Section 75(4)
345 2021-03-gstsamadhan-HC-376 Delhi High Court ANKIT BINDAL & ORS. Mar-2021 Download
346 2021-03-gstsamadhan-HC-923 Delhi High Court ANKIT BINDAL Mar-2021 Download
347 2021-03-gstsamadhan-HC-414 Jharkhand High Court NG Gadhiya Mar-2021 Download Section 107
348 2021-03-gstsamadhan-HC-369 Calcutta High Court Raj Metal Industries & Anr. Mar-2021 Download Section 16(2)(c), 6, 6(2)(b)
349 2021-03-gstsamadhan-HC-470 Punjab and Haryana High Court Mohit Bathla Mar-2021 Download Section 132(1), 67, 67(10), 132(1)(d), 132(1)(c), 132(i), 132, 69
350 2021-03-gstsamadhan-HC-497 Kerala High Court KERALA COMMUNICATORS CABLE LIMITED Mar-2021 Download Section 83, 67
351 2021-03-gstsamadhan-HC-569 Gujarat High Court JIGAR CARS PVT. LTD. Mar-2021 Download Section 140(3)
352 2021-03-gstsamadhan-HC-583 Gujarat High Court M/S RAJKAMAL BUILDER INFRASTRUCTURE PRIVATE LIMITED Mar-2021 Download Section 50
353 2021-03-gstsamadhan-HC-439 Odisha high courrt Smt. Sonam Berlia Mar-2021 Download Section 67, 70 ,74(9)
354 2021-03-gstsamadhan-HC-532 Madras High Court M/s.Russell Credit Ltd. Mar-2021 Download
355 2021-03-gstsamadhan-HC-458 Tripura High Court Prayas Automation Pvt. Ltd. Mar-2021 Download
356 2021-03-gstsamadhan-HC-546 Madras High Court Tvl. Weather Maker Mar-2021 Download
357 2021-03-gstsamadhan-HC-568 Gujarat High Court JAP MODULAR FURNITURE CONCEPTS PVT. LTD. Mar-2021 Download Section 139, 16
358 2021-03-gstsamadhan-HC-543 Madras High Court Tvl.Mehar Tex Mar-2021 Download
359 2021-03-gstsamadhan-HC-581 Gujarat High Court PRECISION GASIFICATION SERVICES PVT. LTD. Mar-2021 Download Section 140(1), 140
360 2021-03-gstsamadhan-HC-386 Delhi High Court M/S. MRIDUL TOBIE INC. Mar-2021 Download
361 2021-03-gstsamadhan-HC-409 Jammu and Kashmir High Court Navneet R. Jhanwar Mar-2021 Download Section 54
362 2021-03-gstsamadhan-HC-576 Gujarat High Court NEERAJ RAMKUMAR TIWARI Mar-2021 Download
363 2021-03-gstsamadhan-HC-579 Gujarat High Court NIRUPABEN MANILAL THAKKAR Mar-2021 Download
364 2021-03-gstsamadhan-HC-346 Andhra Pradesh High Court M/s Sri Lakshmi Venkateswara Mar-2021 Download Section 107
365 2021-03-gstsamadhan-HC-359 Bombay High Court M/s. New India Civil Erectors Private Limited Mar-2021 Download Section 70
366 2021-03-gstsamadhan-HC-472 Punjab and Haryana High Court Rakesh Garg Mar-2021 Download Section 132, 132(6), 28
367 2021-03-gstsamadhan-HC-538 Madras High Court Sri Kanniga Parameswari Modern Rice Mill Mar-2021 Download
368 2021-03-gstsamadhan-HC-354 Bombay High Court Dharmesh Gandhi Mar-2021 Download Section 2(107), 62, 63, 64, 67, 73, 74, 83
369 2021-03-gstsamadhan-HC-561 Gujarat High Court M/S DEEPAK PRINT Mar-2021 Download Section 37, 38, 2
370 2021-03-gstsamadhan-HC-463 Tripura High Court TIRTHAMOYEE ALUMINIUM PRODUCTS. Mar-2021 Download Section 129, 125
371 2021-03-gstsamadhan-HC-350 Bombay High Court BA Continuum India Pvt. Ltd. Mar-2021 Download Section 54 & 139(1)
372 2021-03-gstsamadhan-HC-435 Odisha high courrt National Alumini Mar-2021 Download
373 2021-03-gstsamadhan-HC-586 Gujarat High Court SAKUL NAZAR MOHMD Mar-2021 Download Section 129(1), 68, 129
374 2021-03-gstsamadhan-HC-399 Delhi High Court SPNN BUSINESS SERVICES PVT. LTD. Mar-2021 Download
375 2021-03-gstsamadhan-HC-945 Delhi High Court SPNN BUSINESS SERVICES PVT. LTD. Mar-2021 Download
376 2021-03-gstsamadhan-HC-331 Allahabad High Court Awadh Bar Association Mar-2021 Download
377 2021-03-gstsamadhan-HC-521 Madras High Court M/s.Kesaav ply N Laminates Mar-2021 Download
378 2021-03-gstsamadhan-HC-406 Gauhati High Court M/S AHINSHA CHEMICALS LTD. Mar-2021 Download
379 2021-03-gstsamadhan-HC-479 Rajasthan High Court Genus Power Infrastructure Ltd. Mar-2021 Download
380 2021-03-gstsamadhan-HC-507 Madras High Court M/s.Anand Distributors Mar-2021 Download
381 2021-03-gstsamadhan-HC-519 Madras High Court India Switch Company Pvt.Ltd. Mar-2021 Download
382 2021-03-gstsamadhan-HC-527 Madras High Court M/s.Next IT World Mar-2021 Download
383 2021-03-gstsamadhan-HC-542 Madras High Court The Appellate Assistant Mar-2021 Download
384 2021-02-gstsamadhan-HC-515 Madras High Court M/s.DMR Constructions Feb-2021 Download Section 140
385 2021-02-gstsamadhan-HC-355 Bombay High Court Goods and Services Tax Practitioners’ Association Feb-2021 Download Section 44 & 47(2)
386 2021-02-gstsamadhan-HC-423 Karnataka High Court M/S.N.M.D.C. Feb-2021 Download Section 95(a), 96, 97, 98, 100, 101 and 102
387 2021-02-gstsamadhan-HC-424 Karnataka High Court THE STATE OF KARNATAKA Feb-2021 Download
388 2021-02-gstsamadhan-HC-514 Madras High Court M/s.D.Y.Beathel Enterprises Feb-2021 Download
389 2021-02-gstsamadhan-HC-418 Karnataka High Court M/S. ASIATIC CLINICAL RESEARCH PVT. LTD. Feb-2021 Download Section 54
390 2021-02-gstsamadhan-HC-529 Madras High Court Pentacle Plant Machineries Pvt. Ltd. Feb-2021 Download
391 2021-02-gstsamadhan-HC-1123 Karnataka High Court UNION OF INDIA Feb-2021 Download
392 2021-02-gstsamadhan-HC-548 Gujarat High Court Amit Kumar Kataria Feb-2021 Download Section 70, 69, 132 (1)(c), 132(1)((i), 73, 74, 83
393 2021-02-gstsamadhan-HC-454 Tripura High Court Dayamay Enterprise Feb-2021 Download
394 2021-02-gstsamadhan-HC-592 Gujarat High Court SKJ FINVEST ADVISORY PVT. LTD. Feb-2021 Download Section 83, 64, 73, 74
395 2021-02-gstsamadhan-HC-345 Andhra Pradesh High Court M.S. SREE SAI LAKSHMI PADMAVATHI Feb-2021 Download
396 2021-02-gstsamadhan-HC-476 Rajasthan High Court Anil Kumar Gupta Feb-2021 Download 132 (1) (c)
397 2021-02-gstsamadhan-HC-524 Madras High Court Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. Feb-2021 Download
398 2021-02-gstsamadhan-HC-558 Gujarat High Court M/S BHUMI ASSOCIATE Feb-2021 Download
399 2021-02-gstsamadhan-HC-496 Kerala High Court KANS WEDDING CENTRE Feb-2021 Download Section 29, 29(2)
400 2021-02-gstsamadhan-HC-506 Kerala High Court VARAHAMURTHI FLEXIRUB INDUSTRIES PVT.LTD Feb-2021 Download Section 107, 78
401 2021-02-gstsamadhan-HC-531 Madras High Court M/s.Ram Auto Feb-2021 Download
402 2021-02-gstsamadhan-HC-556 Gujarat High Court M/S BHUMI ASSOCIATE Feb-2021 Download Section 67
403 2021-02-gstsamadhan-HC-357 Bombay High Court JSK Marketing Limited & Anr Feb-2021 Download Section 14 , 70 , 174
404 2021-02-gstsamadhan-HC-391 Delhi High Court M/S PERNOD RICARD PVT. LTD Feb-2021 Download Section 98(6)
405 2021-02-gstsamadhan-HC-474 Punjab and Haryana High Court Skylark Infra Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Feb-2021 Download Section 83, 74
406 2021-02-gstsamadhan-HC-557 Gujarat High Court M/S BHUMI ASSOCIATE Feb-2021 Download
407 2021-02-gstsamadhan-HC-352 Bombay High Court Daulat Samirmal Mehta Feb-2021 Download Section 67, 68, 69, 70 ,71, 72 ,132(1)(b)(c) , 132(5) , 137 , 138
408 2021-02-gstsamadhan-HC-467 Punjab and Haryana High Court Kaushal Kumar Mishra Feb-2021 Download Section 70, 6, 6(2)(b), 3,
409 2021-02-gstsamadhan-HC-384 Delhi High Court LUPITA SALUJA Feb-2021 Download Section 16,
410 2021-02-gstsamadhan-HC-402 Delhi High Court TATA STARBUCKS PRIVATE LIMITED Feb-2021 Download Section 171
411 2021-02-gstsamadhan-HC-567 Gujarat High Court M/S HEMANI INTERMEDIATES PRIVATE LIMITED Feb-2021 Download
412 2021-02-gstsamadhan-HC-550 Gujarat High Court M/S APURVA CHEMICALS PRIVATE LIMITED Feb-2021 Download
413 2021-02-gstsamadhan-HC-338 Allahabad High Court M/S Torque Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. Feb-2021 Download Section 109 (6) , 112
414 2021-02-gstsamadhan-HC-348 Bombay High Court Abhi Engineering Corporation Pvt. Ltd. Feb-2021 Download Section 74 & 83(2)
415 2021-02-gstsamadhan-HC-379 Delhi High Court DEL SMALL ICE CREAM MANUFACTURERS WELFARE’S ASSOCIATION Feb-2021 Download Section 10(2)(e), 10(1), 9(1)
416 2021-02-gstsamadhan-HC-416 Jharkhand High Court M/s. WS Retail Services Private Limited Feb-2021 Download
417 2021-02-gstsamadhan-HC-577 Gujarat High Court NETRIKA TRENDS Feb-2021 Download
418 2021-02-gstsamadhan-HC-410 Jammu and Kashmir High Court Neptune Plastics Feb-2021 Download Section 140
419 2021-02-gstsamadhan-HC-422 Karnataka High Court M/S MFAR CONSTRUCTIONS PVT. LTD. Feb-2021 Download
420 2021-02-gstsamadhan-HC-482 Rajasthan High Court Jodhpur Vidyut Vitran Nigam Ltd. Feb-2021 Download Section 11(1), 8
421 2021-02-gstsamadhan-HC-547 Gujarat High Court ALKEM LABORATORIES LIMITED Feb-2021 Download Section 79, 75
422 2021-02-gstsamadhan-HC-552 Gujarat High Court BASANAT PHERUMAL MAKHIJA Feb-2021 Download Section 132(1)(a)
423 2021-02-gstsamadhan-HC-415 Jharkhand High Court M/s Turret Industrial Security Pvt. Ltd. Feb-2021 Download Section 29(2)(c) & 79(1)(c)
424 2021-02-gstsamadhan-HC-387 Delhi High Court MUKUL MITTAL Feb-2021 Download Section 132 (1)(i)
425 2021-02-gstsamadhan-HC-481 Rajasthan High Court Jay Ushin Limited Feb-2021 Download Section 140
426 2021-02-gstsamadhan-HC-494 Kerala High Court HASH CONSTRUCTIONS Feb-2021 Download Section 62, 107
427 2021-02-gstsamadhan-HC-563 Gujarat High Court M/S DHARTI QUARRY WORKS Feb-2021 Download
428 2021-02-gstsamadhan-HC-597 Gujarat High Court M/S UNIVERSAL DYECHEM PRIVATE LIMITED Feb-2021 Download
429 2021-01-gstsamadhan-HC-582 Gujarat High Court M/S RADHESHYAM SPINNING PVT LTD Jan-2021 Download Section 49
430 2021-01-gstsamadhan-HC-588 Gujarat High Court SAURASHTRA FERROUS PVT. LTD. Jan-2021 Download
431 2021-01-gstsamadhan-HC-358 Bombay High Court Kiran Gems Private Limited Jan-2021 Download
432 2021-01-gstsamadhan-HC-464 Punjab and Haryana High Court GENPACT INDIA PVT. LTD. Jan-2021 Download
433 2021-01-gstsamadhan-HC-595 Gujarat High Court M/S SURYA ROADWAYS Jan-2021 Download Section 70, 129, 130
434 2021-01-gstsamadhan-HC-471 Punjab and Haryana High Court Rakesh Arora Jan-2021 Download Section 132, 132 (1), 69
435 2021-01-gstsamadhan-HC-574 Gujarat High Court MUNJAAL MANISHBHAI BHATT Jan-2021 Download Section 15
436 2021-01-gstsamadhan-HC-580 Gujarat High Court PIYUSH SHAMJIBHAI VASOYA Jan-2021 Download Section 83
437 2021-01-gstsamadhan-HC-594 Gujarat High Court M/S SURAT MERCANTILE ASSOCIATION & 5 other(s) Jan-2021 Download Section 16 (4)
438 2021-01-gstsamadhan-HC-596 Gujarat High Court SYED JAFAR ABBAS Jan-2021 Download
439 2021-01-gstsamadhan-HC-503 Kerala High Court UNION OF INDIA Jan-2021 Download Sections 139, 140, 141, 142, 143
440 2021-01-gstsamadhan-HC-564 Gujarat High Court FLAIR WRITING INDUSTRIES LTD. Jan-2021 Download Section 50, 37, 39
441 2021-01-gstsamadhan-HC-389 Delhi High Court P.C. MISHRA Jan-2021 Download
442 2021-01-gstsamadhan-HC-413 Jharkhand High Court M/s. BGR Mining & Infra Limited, Dhanbad Jan-2021 Download Section 50
443 2021-01-gstsamadhan-HC-420 Karnataka High Court Cerner Healthcare Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Jan-2021 Download S.T.A NO.155 OF 2016
444 2021-01-gstsamadhan-HC-444 Patna High Court Pinax Steel Industries Pvt. Ltd Jan-2021 Download Section 73 (9)
445 2021-01-gstsamadhan-HC-505 Kerala High Court M/S UP AND UP ELEVATORS Jan-2021 Download Section 129
446 2021-01-gstsamadhan-HC-388 Delhi High Court NATIONAL INTERNET EXCHANGE OF INDIA Jan-2021 Download Section 140
447 2021-01-gstsamadhan-HC-565 Gujarat High Court M/S FORMATIVE TEX FAB Jan-2021 Download
448 2021-01-gstsamadhan-HC-329 Allahabad High Court M/S Anandeshwar Traders Jan-2021 Download Section 129(1),(3)
449 2021-01-gstsamadhan-HC-339 Allahabad High Court Vidyut Majdoor Kalyan Samiti Jan-2021 Download
450 2021-01-gstsamadhan-HC-368 Calcutta High Court Nowrangroy Agro Private Limited & Ors. Jan-2021 Download Section 70, 2(30),
451 2021-01-gstsamadhan-HC-466 Punjab and Haryana High Court Himanshu Infraprojects Pvt. Ltd. Jan-2021 Download Section 83
452 2021-01-gstsamadhan-HC-363 Bombay High Court Mr. Tejas Pravin Dugad Jan-2021 Download
453 2021-01-gstsamadhan-HC-395 Delhi High Court RAMAKRISHNA ELECTRO COMPONENTS PVT LTD Jan-2021 Download Section 67, Section 67(2),
454 2021-01-gstsamadhan-HC-362 Bombay High Court Sanjiv Madhusudan Shah Jan-2021 Download
455 2021-01-gstsamadhan-HC-500 Kerala High Court M/S.PODARAN FOODS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED Jan-2021 Download Section 129, 67
456 2021-01-gstsamadhan-HC-361 Bombay High Court Sahara Hospitality Limited Jan-2021 Download
457 2021-01-gstsamadhan-HC-333 Allahabad High Court M/S Maa Vindhya Vasini Constructions Jan-2021 Download
458 2021-01-gstsamadhan-HC-396 Delhi High Court RCI INDUSTRIES AND TECHNOLOGIES LTD Jan-2021 Download Section 67, 174(2)(c) , 74, 6
459 2021-01-gstsamadhan-HC-455 Tripura High Court M/S Sri Gopikrishna Infrastructure Pvt.Ltd Jan-2021 Download Section 129(3), 68(3), 20, 122(xiv), 122, 2(107), 126
460 2021-01-gstsamadhan-HC-461 Tripura High Court M/S Sri Gopikrishna Infrastructure Pvt.Ltd Jan-2021 Download Section 129(3), 68(3), 20, 122(xiv), 122, 2(107), 126
461 2021-01-gstsamadhan-HC-392 Delhi High Court PROEX FASHION PRIVATE LIMITED Jan-2021 Download Section 83, 71
462 2021-01-gstsamadhan-HC-335 Allahabad High Court Nitin Verma Jan-2021 Download
463 2021-01-gstsamadhan-HC-434 Odisha high courrt Kailash Chandra Bisoy Jan-2021 Download
464 2021-01-gstsamadhan-HC-578 Gujarat High Court NIPUN A BHAGAT, PROPRIETOR OF STEEL KRAFT INDUSTRIES Jan-2021 Download Section 89, 49(3)
465 2021-01-gstsamadhan-HC-598 Gujarat High Court VINODKUMAR MURLIDHAR CHECHANI PROPRIETOR OF M/s CHECHANI TRADING CO.  Jan-2021 Download Section 67, 83
466 2021-01-gstsamadhan-HC-412 Jharkhand High Court Atibir Industries Co. Ltd. Jan-2021 Download Section 16(4)54(3) 164(2) 168 (1)
467 2021-01-gstsamadhan-HC-425 Calcutta High Court Abdul Mannan Khan Jan-2021 Download
468 2021-01-gstsamadhan-HC-380 Delhi High Court DHRUV KRISHAN MAGGU Jan-2021 Download Sections 69, 132, 73, 74, 6(2), 67(2)
469 2021-01-gstsamadhan-HC-407 Himachal Pradesh High Court M/s Radha Krishan Industries Jan-2021 Download Section 67, 83, 107
470 2020-12-gstsamadhan-HC-349 Bombay High Court AJE India Private Limited Dec-2020 Download Section 67(1)(a) & 83
471 2020-12-gstsamadhan-HC-559 Gujarat High Court M/S COMSOL ENERGYPRIVATE LIMITED Dec-2020 Download Section 54
472 2020-12-gstsamadhan-HC-1007 Gujarat High Court PIYUSH STEEL, D AND I EXCELUS Dec-2020 Download
473 2020-11-gstsamadhan-HC-502 Kerala High Court SURAJ HITECH PVT LTD Nov-2020 Download Section 129
474 2020-11-gstsamadhan-HC-417 Karnataka High Court M/S ARYAN TRADELINK Nov-2020 Download
475 2020-11-gstsamadhan-HC-343 Andhra Pradesh High Court M/s. Shiridi Sainadh Industries Nov-2020 Download
476 2020-11-gstsamadhan-HC-427 Madhya Pradesh High Court Ram Prasad Sharma Nov-2020 Download
477 2020-11-gstsamadhan-HC-949 Madras High Court Tvl.J.F.International Nov-2020 Download
478 2020-10-gstsamadhan-HC-283 Karnataka High Court BAGMANE DEVELOPER S PVT LTD Oct-2020 Download Section 16[4] , 17[5][c] & [d] , 39[1] , 50, 74[1] , 122[2][a]
479 2020-10-gstsamadhan-HC-725 Karnataka High Court BAGMANE DEVELOPER S PVT LTD Oct-2020 Download Section 39, 74, 50, 122, 17, 16
480 2020-10-gstsamadhan-HC-279 Madras High Court Assistant Commissioner of CGST and Central Excise , Commissioner CGST and Central Excise , Union of India &Central Board of Excise and Customs Oct-2020 Download Section 28 , 140
481 2020-10-gstsamadhan-HC-298 Bombay High Court Confederation of GST Professionals and Industries Oct-2020 Download
482 2020-10-gstsamadhan-HC-313 Gujarat High Court GAURAVKUMAR SUDARSHANKUMAR ARORA Oct-2020 Download
483 2020-10-gstsamadhan-HC-892 Punjab and Haryana High Court Technimont Pvt. Ltd. Oct-2020 Download
484 2020-10-gstsamadhan-HC-296 Rajasthan High Court Commercial Taxes Officer Special Circle-II, Bhilwara Oct-2020 Download
485 2020-10-gstsamadhan-HC-880 Madras High Court M/s.Sri Siva Saravana Blue Metals Oct-2020 Download
486 2020-10-gstsamadhan-HC-731 Delhi High Court GSP POWER SYSTEM PVT. LTD. Oct-2020 Download
487 2020-09-gstsamadhan-HC-799 Kerala High Court MUHAMMED KOCHUKUDIYIL ISHABEEVI ALIAS ISHA SHAEFI Sep-2020 Download
488 2020-09-gstsamadhan-HC-871 Kerala High Court SOFTOUCH HEALTH CARE PRIVATE LTD. Sep-2020 Download Section 169, 62
489 2020-09-gstsamadhan-HC-779 Gujarat High Court M/S MAHADEV TRADING COMPANY Sep-2020 Download
490 2020-09-gstsamadhan-HC-306 Rajasthan High Court Dhanraj Singhal Sep-2020 Download
491 2020-09-gstsamadhan-HC-307 Rajasthan High Court Dhanraj Singhal Sep-2020 Download SECTION 132(1), (b) and (c)
492 2020-09-gstsamadhan-HC-797 Allahabad High Court M/S Jaitron Communication Pvt. Ltd. Sep-2020 Download Section 129, 112, 113
493 2020-09-gstsamadhan-HC-276 Gujarat High Court ARPIT PARCEL SERVICE Sep-2020 Download Section 130
494 2020-09-gstsamadhan-HC-844 Telangana High Court M/s. SAME DEUTZFAHR INDIA P LTD Sep-2020 Download Section 129(3)
495 2020-09-gstsamadhan-HC-293 Kerala High Court CIAL DUTY FREE AND RETAIL SERVICES LTD (CDRSL) Sep-2020 Download Section 1(2) , 2(78) , 2(79) , 9(1) , 54(3)
496 2020-09-gstsamadhan-HC-829 Punjab and Haryana High Court Ravi Nandan Sep-2020 Download
497 2020-09-gstsamadhan-HC-841 Patna High Court M/s Sri Sai Industries Sep-2020 Download Section 74
498 2020-09-gstsamadhan-HC-804 Delhi High Court M/S NEUTRON STEEL TRADING PVT. LTD. Sep-2020 Download Section 83, 62, 63, 64, 67, 73, 74, 83
499 2020-09-gstsamadhan-HC-315 Delhi High Court GAURAV SHARMA FOOD INDUSTRIES Sep-2020 Download Section 171
500 2020-09-gstsamadhan-HC-734 Punjab and Haryana High Court Gurvinder Singh Sohal Sep-2020 Download
501 2020-09-gstsamadhan-HC-744 Delhi High Court INSITEL SERVICES PVT. LTD. Sep-2020 Download Section 54
502 2020-09-gstsamadhan-HC-772 Bombay High Court LM Wind Power Blades India Pvt. Ltd. Sep-2020 Download Section 129, 107, 112
503 2020-09-gstsamadhan-HC-907 Rajasthan High Court M/s Venkateswara Wires Pvt. Ltd. Sep-2020 Download Section 140
504 2020-09-gstsamadhan-HC-899 Punjab and Haryana High Court UFV INDIA GLOBAL EDUCATION Sep-2020 Download Section 83
505 2020-09-gstsamadhan-HC-750 Gujarat High Court JAY GOGA TRADERS Sep-2020 Download Section 130
506 2020-09-gstsamadhan-HC-776 Karnataka High Court M/S M.S. RETAIL PRIVATE LIMITED Sep-2020 Download Section 29, 30, 107
507 2020-09-gstsamadhan-HC-908 Madras High Court Sir Venkatramanaswamy Blue Metals Sep-2020 Download
508 2020-09-gstsamadhan-HC-760 Gujarat High Court KALPSUTRA GUJARAT Sep-2020 Download Section 16
509 2020-09-gstsamadhan-HC-751 Madras High Court M/s.Jay Jay Mills (India) Pvt. Ltd. Sep-2020 Download Section 54(3)
510 2020-09-gstsamadhan-HC-889 Madras High Court M/s.T.V.Sundaram Iyengar & Sons Pvt Ltd Sep-2020 Download
511 2020-09-gstsamadhan-HC-897 Madras High Court Tvl.Transtonnelstroy Afcons Joint venture Sep-2020 Download Section 54(3), 54, 164, 2(59), 2
512 2020-09-gstsamadhan-HC-802 Madras High Court M/s.National Asphalt Products and Construction Company Sep-2020 Download
513 2020-09-gstsamadhan-HC-878 Madras High Court M/s.Sri Ranganathar Valves Private Limited Sep-2020 Download
514 2020-08-gstsamadhan-HC-904 Madras High Court Urbanclap Technologies India Pvt Ltd Aug-2020 Download
515 2020-08-gstsamadhan-HC-851 Patna High Court Sanyog Construction Private Limited Aug-2020 Download Section 107
516 2020-08-gstsamadhan-HC-762 Madhya Pradesh High Court Kanishka Matta Aug-2020 Download Section 67(2), 37, 22, 129, 130
517 2020-08-gstsamadhan-HC-903 Gujarat High Court UNI WELL EXIM Aug-2020 Download Section 54(6)
518 2020-08-gstsamadhan-HC-827 Kerala High Court RAJIVE AND COMPANY Aug-2020 Download Section 67(1), 35
519 2020-08-gstsamadhan-HC-767 Andhra Pradesh High Court Kun United Motors Pvt.Ltd Aug-2020 Download Section 140(3)
520 2020-08-gstsamadhan-HC-828 Punjab and Haryana High Court Ranjit Singh Aug-2020 Download
521 2020-08-gstsamadhan-HC-757 Kerala High Court K.U.NIYAS Aug-2020 Download Section 62
522 2020-08-gstsamadhan-HC-310 Gujarat High Court M/S. FORMATIVE TEX FAB THROUGH ITS PARTNER RATAN KUMAR SARAF Aug-2020 Download Section 70(1)
523 2020-08-gstsamadhan-HC-766 Kerala High Court KRISHNAKUMAR Aug-2020 Download
524 2020-08-gstsamadhan-HC-520 Madras High Court M/s.Jain Granites & Projects Pvt Ltd. Aug-2020 Download
525 2020-08-gstsamadhan-HC-763 Gujarat High Court KARAN TOSHNIWAL Aug-2020 Download Section 74, 67
526 2020-08-gstsamadhan-HC-554 Gujarat High Court BHARAT OMAN REFINERIES LTD. Aug-2020 Download
527 2020-08-gstsamadhan-HC-727 Delhi High Court GOODS & SERVICE TAX NETWORK Aug-2020 Download
528 2020-08-gstsamadhan-HC-746 Madhya Pradesh High Court Jagdish Arora Aug-2020 Download Section 132, 69, 107, 137, 138
529 2020-08-gstsamadhan-HC-815 Kerala High Court PEE BEE ENTERPRISES Aug-2020 Download Section 161(1)(c)(d), 62
530 2020-08-gstsamadhan-HC-835 Madras High Court Revenue Bar Association Aug-2020 Download
531 2020-08-gstsamadhan-HC-840 Bombay High Court Saha Hospitality Ltd. Aug-2020 Download Section 50
532 2020-08-gstsamadhan-HC-765 Madhya Pradesh High Court Kishore Wadhwani Aug-2020 Download Section 132(1)(a) (i)
533 2020-08-gstsamadhan-HC-299 Telangana High Court M/S CSK Realtors Limited Aug-2020 Download
534 2020-08-gstsamadhan-HC-874 Andhra Pradesh High Court M/s.Sri G K Exim Aug-2020 Download Section 140
535 2020-08-gstsamadhan-HC-909 Madhya Pradesh High Court Vijay Kumar Nair Aug-2020 Download Section 132(1)(a)(i), 69, 70
536 2020-08-gstsamadhan-HC-718 Delhi High Court M/S. AAR IMPEX Aug-2020 Download
537 2020-08-gstsamadhan-HC-777 Kerala High Court M.S.STEEL AND PIPES Aug-2020 Download
538 2020-08-gstsamadhan-HC-738 Punjab and Haryana High Court Haryana Ayurvedic Drugs Manufacturers Assocication(HADMA). Aug-2020 Download
539 2020-08-gstsamadhan-HC-269 Madras High Court M/s Amplexor India Private Limited Aug-2020 Download Section 140 , 174(2)(c)
540 2020-08-gstsamadhan-HC-800 Gujarat High Court NAMASKAR ENTERPRISE Aug-2020 Download Section 83
541 2020-08-gstsamadhan-HC-894 Karnataka High Court The Secretary to Govt. Aug-2020 Download Section 130 (2)
542 2020-07-gstsamadhan-HC-262 Kerala High Court AMANI MACHINE CENTRE Jul-2020 Download Section 39, 44 , 47 & 62
543 2020-07-gstsamadhan-HC-895 Rajasthan High Court Trivedi Ventures LLP Jul-2020 Download Section 140, 140 (3)
544 2020-07-gstsamadhan-HC-898 Delhi High Court U.C. INFOSYSTEMS PVT. LTD. Jul-2020 Download Section 140, 140(1)
545 2020-07-gstsamadhan-HC-265 Odisha high courrt AMIT BERIWAL Jul-2020 Download Section 6(ii)(b) , 69 , 70 , 73 , 74 and 132
546 2020-07-gstsamadhan-HC-266 Madhya Pradesh High Court Amit Bothra Jul-2020 Download Section 69 , 70 , 131 , 132(1)(a)(i) , 133 , 135 , 136
547 2020-07-gstsamadhan-HC-722 Odisha high Court AMIT BERIWAL Jul-2020 Download Section 6(ii)(b), 69, 132, 70
548 2020-07-gstsamadhan-HC-764 Gujarat High Court KIRAN CHOUBEY W/O SHRI NARENDRA CHOUBEY Jul-2020 Download
549 2020-07-gstsamadhan-HC-026 Gujarat High Court VKC FOOTSTEPS INDIA PVT. LTD. Jul-2020 Download SEC 54 (3)
550 2020-07-gstsamadhan-HC-785 Gujarat High Court MATERIAL RECYCLING ASSOCIATION OF INDIA Jul-2020 Download Section 2(93), 2(92)11
551 2020-07-gstsamadhan-HC-813 Delhi High Court M/S PATANJALI AYURVED LTD Jul-2020 Download Section 171, 107(6)(b),
552 2020-07-gstsamadhan-HC-814 Kerala High Court PAZHAYIDOM FOOD VENTURES (P) LTD. Jul-2020 Download
553 2020-07-gstsamadhan-HC-913 Gujarat High Court VKC FOOTSTEPS INDIA PVT. LTD. Jul-2020 Download Section 54, 54(3) (ii), 2(62)
554 2020-07-gstsamadhan-HC-303 Kerala High Court DEVICES DISTRIBUTORS Jul-2020 Download Section 31 , 68 , 129
555 2020-07-gstsamadhan-HC-836 Delhi High Court RISHI BANSAL PROPERTOR OF BANSAL SALES CORPORATION Jul-2020 Download Section 73, 74, 74(5)
556 2020-07-gstsamadhan-HC-863 Madras High Court M/s.Shree M.Revathi Printers Jul-2020 Download
557 2020-07-gstsamadhan-HC-749 Delhi High Court JIAN INTERNATIONAL Jul-2020 Download Section 56
558 2020-07-gstsamadhan-HC-839 Delhi High Court M/S SACHIN ENTERPRISES Jul-2020 Download Section 54
559 2020-07-gstsamadhan-HC-274 Delhi High Court APEX MEADOWS PVT. LTD. Jul-2020 Download Section 171
560 2020-07-gstsamadhan-HC-796 Delhi High Court M/S. SAMSONITE SOUTH ASIA PVT. LTD. Jul-2020 Download Section 171
561 2020-07-gstsamadhan-HC-831 Delhi High Court RECKITT BENCKISER INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED Jul-2020 Download
562 2020-07-gstsamadhan-HC-852 Delhi High Court M/S SARAF INDUSTRIES Jul-2020 Download Section 54
563 2020-07-gstsamadhan-HC-855 Gujarat High Court M/S SAWARIYA TRADERS Jul-2020 Download Section 129, 107
564 2020-07-gstsamadhan-HC-305 Chhattisgarh High Court M/s Dhamtari Krishi Kendra Jul-2020 Download Section 117(1)A
565 2020-07-gstsamadhan-HC-271 Madhya Pradesh High Court Ankit Babeley Jul-2020 Download Section 140(3)
566 2020-07-gstsamadhan-HC-810 Madras High Court M/s.P.R.Mani Electronics Jul-2020 Download Section 140, 164
567 2020-07-gstsamadhan-HC-445 Patna High Court Shiv Kishor Construction Private Limited Jul-2020 Download Section 74(9), 61
568 2020-07-gstsamadhan-HC-745 Calcutta High Court J.S.Pigments Private Ltd. Jul-2020 Download Section 67
569 2020-07-gstsamadhan-HC-273 Rajasthan High Court Anup Ashopa Jul-2020 Download Sections 132 (1)(b)(c)(f)(l)
570 2020-07-gstsamadhan-HC-787 Allahabad High Court Mayank Sikarwar Gstin Jul-2020 Download Section 172,
571 2020-07-gstsamadhan-HC-882 Madhya Pradesh High Court Subhash Joshi & another Jul-2020 Download
572 2020-06-gstsamadhan-HC-252 Madras High Court A. Mohideen & J. Vinoth Kumar Jun-2020 Download Section 132(1)(b) & (c) and 132(5)
573 2020-06-gstsamadhan-HC-832 Delhi High Court REHAU POLYMERS PRIVATE LIMITED Jun-2020 Download
574 2020-06-gstsamadhan-HC-914 Delhi High Court WATERMELON MANAGEMENT SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED Jun-2020 Download Section 67, 70, 74, 83
575 2020-06-gstsamadhan-HC-860 Allahabad High Court Shahzad Alam Jun-2020 Download
576 2020-06-gstsamadhan-HC-885 Kerala High Court SURESH KUMAR P.P Jun-2020 Download Section 67, 73, 74
577 2020-06-gstsamadhan-HC-816 Delhi High Court PHILLIPS INDIA LIMITED Jun-2020 Download Section 171
578 2020-06-gstsamadhan-HC-798 Karnataka High Court M/S. M.S. RETAIL PRIVATE LIMITED Jun-2020 Download Section 30
579 2020-06-gstsamadhan-HC-881 Calcutta High Court M/s. Subhas & Company Jun-2020 Download Section 140(3)
580 2020-06-gstsamadhan-HC-780 Gujarat High Court M/S MAHAVIR ENTERPRISE Jun-2020 Download Section 122(1), 52, 73, 74, 76, 123, 124, 124, 127
581 2020-06-gstsamadhan-HC-739 Punjab and Haryana High Court M/s Haryana Mill Store Jun-2020 Download
582 2020-06-gstsamadhan-HC-264 Punjab and Haryana High Court Amba Industrial Corporation Jun-2020 Download Section 140
583 2020-06-gstsamadhan-HC-773 Karnataka High Court M/s. L & T HYDROCARBON Jun-2020 Download Section 129(1), 125, 107, 106, 108
584 2020-06-gstsamadhan-HC-783 Delhi High Court MANGLA HOIST P. LTD. Jun-2020 Download
585 2020-06-gstsamadhan-HC-868 Delhi High Court SKH SHEET METALS COMPONENTS Jun-2020 Download Section 140
586 2020-06-gstsamadhan-HC-469 Punjab and Haryana High Court Mitha Ram Jun-2020 Download
587 2020-06-gstsamadhan-HC-807 Gujarat High Court OM SAI TRADERS Jun-2020 Download Section 130, 129
588 2020-06-gstsamadhan-HC-294 Gujarat High Court COLGATE PALMOLIVE INDIA LTD. Jun-2020 Download Section 129(1) , 129 (3)
589 2020-06-gstsamadhan-HC-876 Karnataka High Court SRI HANUMANTHAPPA PATHRERA LAKSHMANA Jun-2020 Download Section 70, 132(5), 67, 69, 132, 137
590 2020-06-gstsamadhan-HC-875 Tripura High Court Sri Gopikrishna Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd Jun-2020 Download
592 2020-06-gstsamadhan-HC-733 Madras High Court M/s. Guru Shoe Components and Company Jun-2020 Download
593 2020-06-gstsamadhan-HC-794 Rajasthan High Court Mohit Vijay Jun-2020 Download 132(1)(b)(c)(f)(j)(I)
594 2020-05-gstsamadhan-HC-792 Madras High Court MIOT Hospitals Ltd May-2020 Download
595 2020-05-gstsamadhan-HC-883 Madras High Court Sunrise Foods Private Limited May-2020 Download
596 2020-05-gstsamadhan-HC-896 Madras High Court Tvl.M.R.Motor Company May-2020 Download
597 2020-05-gstsamadhan-HC-845 Rajasthan High Court Gaurav S/o Shri Sampat Lal Maheshwari May-2020 Download
598 2020-05-gstsamadhan-HC-314 Rajasthan High Court Gaurav Maheshwari May-2020 Download
599 2020-05-gstsamadhan-HC-286 Delhi High Court BHARTI AIRTEL LIMITED May-2020 Download Sections 2 (46) , 37 to 43 , 49(2) , 54(3) , 73 , 77 , 168
600 2020-05-gstsamadhan-HC-287 Delhi High Court BRAND EQUITY TREATIES LIMITED May-2020 Download Section 140(1) , 142(3) , 164(1) , 174
601 2020-04-gstsamadhan-HC-770 Madhya Pradesh High Court Lalit Kumar Gandhi Apr-2020 Download
602 2020-04-gstsamadhan-HC-778 Jharkhand High Court Mahadeo Construction Co. Apr-2020 Download Section 50, 39, 79, 73, 74
603 2020-04-gstsamadhan-HC-826 Punjab and Haryana High Court Rajinder Bassi and others Apr-2020 Download
604 2020-04-gstsamadhan-HC-834 Gujarat High Court RELIANCE INDUSTRIES LTD. & 1 other(s) Apr-2020 Download 142(6), 142(7)
605 2020-04-gstsamadhan-HC-292 Madras High Court Choe Jae Won & Choi Yong Suk Apr-2020 Download Section 69 , 132(1)(d)
606 2020-03-gstsamadhan-HC-024 Karnataka High Court M/S L C INFRA PROJECTS PVT. LTD Mar-2020 Download SECTION 50(1) , SECTION 73 , SECTION 75 (12)
607 2020-03-gstsamadhan-HC-803 Bombay High Court Nelco Limited Mar-2020 Download Section 140, 140(1), 140(2), 140(3), , 140(5)
608 2020-03-gstsamadhan-HC-743 Kerala High Court M/S.HINDUSTAN COCA COLA PRIVATE LIMITED Mar-2020 Download Section 129, 130
609 2020-03-gstsamadhan-HC-850 Telangana High Court Sany Heavy Industry India Private Limited. Mar-2020 Download
610 2020-03-gstsamadhan-HC-864 Rajasthan High Court M/s. Shree Motors Mar-2020 Download Section 140
611 2020-03-gstsamadhan-HC-755 Chhattisgarh High Court K.P. Sugandh Ltd. Mar-2020 Download Section 129(3), 68, 129
612 2020-03-gstsamadhan-HC-756 Kerala High Court K.SASILAL Mar-2020 Download
613 2020-03-gstsamadhan-HC-267 Gujarat High Court AMIT CHANDRAKANT SHAH Mar-2020 Download Section 132(1)(b),(c),(f), (k), (l) of Gujarat Goods and Service Tax Act, 2017
614 2020-03-gstsamadhan-HC-784 Gujarat High Court MANOJ BHANWARLAL JAIN Mar-2020 Download 132(1)(c)
615 2020-03-gstsamadhan-HC-288 Gujarat High Court M/S BRITANNIA INDUSTRIES LIMITED Mar-2020 Download Section 2(61) , 17 , 31 , 49 , 54 , 55 , 107
616 2020-03-gstsamadhan-HC-560 Gujarat High Court DARSH PHARMACHEM PVT. LTD. Mar-2020 Download Section 140, 168
617 2020-03-gstsamadhan-HC-570 Gujarat High Court M/S KAMBAY AROMATICS Mar-2020 Download Section 140, 168
618 2020-03-gstsamadhan-HC-590 Gujarat High Court SIDDHI DEVELOPERS Mar-2020 Download Section 140, 168
619 2020-03-gstsamadhan-HC-870 Telangana High Court Smt. Jecintha Pillaivs Mar-2020 Download Section 132, 70, 69
620 2020-03-gstsamadhan-HC-297 Madras High Court The Commissioner of Commercial Taxes & The Additional Commissioner (CT) Mar-2020 Download Section 9(2) , 174
621 2020-03-gstsamadhan-HC-865 Madras High Court M/s.Shyam Textiles Limited Mar-2020 Download
622 2020-03-gstsamadhan-HC-918 Madras High Court The Commissioner of Commercial Taxes Mar-2020 Download Section 174, 9(2), 9
623 2020-03-gstsamadhan-HC-781 Andhra Pradesh High Court Mahendra Kumar Indermal Mar-2020 Download Section 67(2)
624 2020-03-gstsamadhan-HC-732 Gujarat High Court GUJARAT STATE PETRONET LIMITED Mar-2020 Download Section 107, 109
625 2020-03-gstsamadhan-HC-754 Gujarat High Court JSK SONS Mar-2020 Download Section 83
626 2020-03-gstsamadhan-HC-263 Calcutta High Court M/s. Amazonite Steel Pvt. Ltd. & Anr. Mar-2020 Download Section 2(24) , 3 , 5 , 67 , 74 , 83 , 122, 125, 129 and 130
627 2020-03-gstsamadhan-HC-295 Telangana High Court Commercial Steel Company Mar-2020 Download Section 129(1) , 129 (3)
628 2020-03-gstsamadhan-HC-551 Gujarat High Court M/S A T TRADING COMPANY Mar-2020 Download Section130
629 2020-03-gstsamadhan-HC-301 Kerala High Court DAILY FRESH FRUITS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED Mar-2020 Download Section 122 , 129 (1) , 130
630 2020-03-gstsamadhan-HC-572 Gujarat High Court M/S KOHITOOR TRANSPORT LLP Mar-2020 Download Section 130
631 2020-03-gstsamadhan-HC-837 Calcutta High Court M/s. Rishi Graphics Pvt. Ltd. Mar-2020 Download
632 2020-03-gstsamadhan-HC-584 Gujarat High Court REAL PRINCE SPINTEX PVT. LTD. Mar-2020 Download Section 54, 57
633 2020-03-gstsamadhan-HC-589 Gujarat High Court SHAKTI MOTORS Mar-2020 Download Section 140, 168
634 2020-03-gstsamadhan-HC-890 Jharkhand High Court Tata Motors Ltd Mar-2020 Download
635 2020-03-gstsamadhan-HC-774 Allahabad High Court M/S M. M. Sons Mar-2020 Download
636 2020-03-gstsamadhan-HC-901 Karnataka High Court THE UNION OF INDIA Mar-2020 Download Section 50
637 2020-03-gstsamadhan-HC-721 Andhra Pradesh High Court All India Federation Of Tax Practitioners Mar-2020 Download
638 2020-03-gstsamadhan-HC-741 Delhi High Court M/S. HERO MOTOCORP LTD Mar-2020 Download Section 174
639 2021-02-gstsamadhan-HC-365 Calcutta High Court Arvind Kumar Munka Feb-2020 Download Section 69, 132(1), 73, 134, 138
640 2020-02-gstsamadhan-HC-251 Allahabad High Court M/S A.K. Oversees Feb-2020 Download Section 129(3)
641 2020-02-gstsamadhan-HC-842 Meghalaya High Court Shri Sajan Ch. Marak Feb-2020 Download
642 2020-02-gstsamadhan-HC-243 Allahabad High Court M/S A K Overseas Feb-2020 Download Section 129(3)
643 2020-02-gstsamadhan-HC-321 Gujarat High Court GOKUL AGRO RESOURCES LTD. Feb-2020 Download
644 2020-02-gstsamadhan-HC-848 Gujarat High Court SANJAYBHAI LAXMANBHAI GOGARA Feb-2020 Download section 130
645 2020-02-gstsamadhan-HC-010 Chhattisgarh High Court Dadhichi Iron And Steel Pvt. Ltd. Feb-2020 Download Section 6(2)(1)(b) , Section 132
646 2020-02-gstsamadhan-HC-769 Madhya Pradesh High Court Lakhan Singh Chauhan and Company, M/s Parmanand Traders & M/s Navaakar Real Estates Feb-2020 Download Section 29(2)
647 2020-02-gstsamadhan-HC-300 Chhattisgarh High Court Dadhichi Iron And Steel Pvt. Ltd. Feb-2020 Download Section 6(2)(1)(b) , 132
648 2020-02-gstsamadhan-HC-825 Punjab and Haryana High Court Rajesh and another Feb-2020 Download
649 2020-02-gstsamadhan-HC-859 Allahabad High Court Shahzad Alam And 2 Others Feb-2020 Download
650 2020-02-gstsamadhan-HC-246 Allahabad High Court M/S Ashu Traders Madar Gate Feb-2020 Download section 67 (6)
651 2020-02-gstsamadhan-HC-887 Gujarat High Court SYNERGY FERTICHEM PVT.LTD Feb-2020 Download Section 129, 130
652 2020-02-gstsamadhan-HC-737 Gujarat High Court M/S HANUMAN TRADING CO. Feb-2020 Download Section 130, 129
653 2020-02-gstsamadhan-HC-491 Kerala High Court FAWAS ASSOCIATED AGENCIES Feb-2020 Download Section 129(5), 129
654 2020-02-gstsamadhan-HC-830 Punjab and Haryana High Court M/s RCI Industries & Technologies Ltd. Feb-2020 Download Section 132
655 2020-02-gstsamadhan-HC-838 Delhi High Court RR INDIA PVT. LTD Feb-2020 Download Section 67(2), 83
656 2020-02-gstsamadhan-HC-805 Gujarat High Court THE NODAL OFFICER Feb-2020 Download Section 164, 140
657 2020-02-gstsamadhan-HC-730 Bombay High Court Great Sands Consulting Private Limited Feb-2020 Download
658 2020-02-gstsamadhan-HC-309 Kerala High Court FATHIMA ABDULKHADAR Feb-2020 Download
659 2020-02-gstsamadhan-HC-566 Gujarat High Court GLOBAL KNITFAB Feb-2020 Download Section 129, 130
660 2020-02-gstsamadhan-HC-257 Kerala High Court AKAY FLAVOURS AND AROMATICS PVT LTD Feb-2020 Download Section 108
661 2020-02-gstsamadhan-HC-302 Gujarat High Court M/S DEENDAYAL PORT TRUST Feb-2020 Download Section 140
662 2020-02-gstsamadhan-HC-740 Gujarat High Court M/S HEAVY METAL AND TUBES (INDIA) PVT. LIMITED Feb-2020 Download
663 2020-02-gstsamadhan-HC-253 Gujarat High Court ABB INDIA LIMITED Feb-2020 Download Section 129(3) , 129(6)
664 2020-02-gstsamadhan-HC-308 Karnataka High Court M/s. DPK Engineers Private Limited Feb-2020 Download
665 2020-02-gstsamadhan-HC-869 Allahabad High Court M/S Skipper Limited Feb-2020 Download
666 2020-02-gstsamadhan-HC-728 Allahabad High Court Govind Agarwal Feb-2020 Download Section 69, 132
667 2020-02-gstsamadhan-HC-272 Gujarat High Court ANOPSINH KIRITSINH SARVAIYA Feb-2020 Download Section 67
668 2020-02-gstsamadhan-HC-245 Allahabad High Court Ankit Bhutani Feb-2020 Download section 70
669 2020-02-gstsamadhan-HC-847 Rajasthan High Court Sandeep Goyal Feb-2020 Download
670 2020-02-gstsamadhan-HC-891 Rajasthan High Court Tax Bar Association Feb-2020 Download Section 44
671 2020-02-gstsamadhan-HC-752 Gujarat High Court JMK SOLAR ENERGIES PVT LTD Feb-2020 Download
672 2020-02-gstsamadhan-HC-801 Gujarat High Court NATHALAL MAGANLAL CHAUHAN Feb-2020 Download Section 61, 73, 74, 132, 67
673 2020-02-gstsamadhan-HC-720 Gauhati High Court All India Federation Of Tax Practitioners Feb-2020 Download
674 2020-02-gstsamadhan-HC-511 Madras High Court M/s.BVD Power Private Limited Feb-2020 Download
675 2020-02-gstsamadhan-HC-817 Kerala High Court M/S.PHOENIX RUBBERS Feb-2020 Download
676 2020-02-gstsamadhan-HC-886 Kerala High Court SUTHERLAND MORTGAGE SERVICES Feb-2020 Download Section 97, 98
677 2020-02-gstsamadhan-HC-926 Punjab and Haryana High Court M/s. Mahesh Steel Corporation, Faridabad Feb-2020 Download Section 140
678 2020-01-gstsamadhan-HC-775 Kerala High Court M. R. TRADERS Jan-2020 Download
679 2020-01-gstsamadhan-HC-809 Kerala High Court P.M.SALEEM Jan-2020 Download
680 2020-01-gstsamadhan-HC-823 Rajasthan High Court Pushp Forgings Private Limited Jan-2020 Download
681 2020-01-gstsamadhan-HC-900 Kerala High Court UMIYA ENTERPRISE Jan-2020 Download Section 9, 37, 61
682 2020-01-gstsamadhan-HC-318 Bombay High Court M/s. Gehna Trading LLP Jan-2020 Download Section 62, 63, 64, 67, 73 , 83
683 2020-01-gstsamadhan-HC-821 Gujarat High Court M/S PRADIP CHIMANLAL MEVADA Jan-2020 Download Section 18
684 2020-01-gstsamadhan-HC-858 Gujarat High Court SHAHIL TRADERS Jan-2020 Download Section 129, 130
685 2020-01-gstsamadhan-HC-862 Kerala High Court SHAJAHAN A.M. Jan-2020 Download
686 2020-01-gstsamadhan-HC-877 Gujarat High Court SRI KRISHNA TRADERS Jan-2020 Download Section 129, 130
687 2020-01-gstsamadhan-HC-495 Kerala High Court K.J.MATHEW Jan-2020 Download Section 51 (2)
688 2020-01-gstsamadhan-HC-011 Chhattisgarh High Court M/s Jagadamba Hardware Stores Jan-2020 Download Section 140(3) ,
689 2020-01-gstsamadhan-HC-793 Gujarat High Court MOHIT MINERALS PVT LTD Jan-2020 Download Section 2(108), 2(109), 2(30), 8, 15(5), 16(1), 16, 17
690 2020-01-gstsamadhan-HC-843 Delhi High Court SALES TAX BAR ASSOCIATION (REGD) Jan-2020 Download
691 2020-01-gstsamadhan-HC-849 Punjab and Haryana High Court Sanjay Dhingra Jan-2020 Download Section 132
692 2020-01-gstsamadhan-HC-906 Allahabad High Court Shri Vajid Jan-2020 Download
693 2020-01-gstsamadhan-HC-854 Rajasthan High Court Saurabh Chhajer Jan-2020 Download Section 132
694 2020-01-gstsamadhan-HC-366 Calcutta High Court M/s. H.M. Leisure Jan-2020 Download Section 112, 112(8)(b),
695 2020-01-gstsamadhan-HC-911 Kerala High Court VIMAL RAJ Jan-2020 Download Section 93
696 2020-01-gstsamadhan-HC-818 Delhi High Court M/S PITAMBRA BOOKS PVT. LTD Jan-2020 Download Section 17, 54
697 2020-01-gstsamadhan-HC-846 Madras High Court M/s.Samrajyaa and Company Jan-2020 Download
698 2020-01-gstsamadhan-HC-254 Gujarat High Court ABB INDIA LIMITED Jan-2020 Download Section129( 3)
699 2020-01-gstsamadhan-HC-258 Kerala High Court AKAY FLAVOURS AND AROMATICS PVT. LTD. Jan-2020 Download
700 2020-01-gstsamadhan-HC-812 Rajasthan High Court Paridhi Jain Jan-2020 Download Section 132
701 2020-01-gstsamadhan-HC-332 Allahabad High Court M/S Jindal Pipes Limited Jan-2020 Download Section 107, 129(1)(a)
702 2020-01-gstsamadhan-HC-719 Kerala High Court AKAY FLAVOURS AND AROMATICS PVT. LTD Jan-2020 Download
703 2020-01-gstsamadhan-HC-758 Bombay High Court Kaish Impex Private Limited Jan-2020 Download Section 70, 83
704 2020-01-gstsamadhan-HC-747 Allahabad High Court M/S Jai Baba Amarnath Industries Jan-2020 Download Section 109
705 2020-01-gstsamadhan-HC-317 Patna High Court M/s Gaya Marketing Jan-2020 Download
706 2020-01-gstsamadhan-HC-259 Allahabad High Court M/S A K Overseas Jan-2020 Download
707 2020-01-gstsamadhan-HC-278 Gujarat High Court